Contest: Holiday Creatives


@Arelyna Is there a time limit to send your entry for the contest? Like until 11.59 pm on the 22th PT time? Because I am almost done with mine and was wondering how much time was left to post it here. Thank you.


What time on 22nd, today? Midnight? I had an operation but trying to get mine all put together today. Big dragon cookie in a scene.


Oh yea, Kardul asking too, I see. I guess we would need to know time zone too.


It’s PT. I was planning on closing it around 4:30pm (that’s when I get off), but I am fine closing it out at midnight if need be.


So 6 hours from now? Thanks for the information @Arelyna :grin:


Yes, a little less than 6 hours from now! :smiley:


I painted this Christmasy ice dragon for the contest…I don’t have a name for him yet so I was hoping the community would help me out with that


Happy Snoggletog* to every Dragon Lords and Ladies, Dragon lovers and their kin(narus). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone else!

As it is my belief that we should celebrate Christmas spirit every day and not only around this time of year I designed something that can show your festive spirit and your love of dragons everyday.

It all began three months ago from this idea

I finally finished the final product! (Almost two weeks of work since the beginning of this contest)

Toothless (Alpha) scrunchie!

Puppy eyes :flushed:

Tail with fake fin and glow in the dark scales (pics failed to render this)

This is my entry for the contest. But Toothless also ask you to stay cosy in the warmth of your family

Have fun :upside_down_face:

And eat lots of fish! If that’s your liking otherwise Toothless will eat them for you! :joy:

You have short or untamed hair that can’t hold a scrunchie or you’re a boy who’d like to wear this anyway? I have you covered. This scrunchie makes a nice armband to show off at Christmas Eve!

I wish you all a wonderful time for Christmas/New Year/Snoggletog*!

*This is how Vikings call the Winter holiday celebrations aka Christmas and New Year in the universe of “How to train your Dragon” where the character of Toothless come from.


Here is my entry, huge Ursa cookie!! Ursa was feeling a little festive, so donned his Rudolph nose! MERRY CHRISTMAS WAR DRAGONS!
(Everything is edible!)


Wow that is impressive


Showing how big the cookie is…


I am not celebrating Christmas, but here is my entry just for fun :slight_smile:



Hey all! The contest is now closed! I will be announcing the winners next week


Hey all!

The team really loved all of the entries that everyone took the time to create! I am so amazed at the skill here.

After a lot of deliberation, we did come up with a top 3.

drum roll please!!!

The winners are:

  1. @BadgerWar
  2. @Xenoglow
  3. @Selinde

Congratulations to our 3 winners! Please PM me (or I will PM you this weekend) so that we can sort out some stuff for your prize!

(P.S. Everyone who entered should keep an eye out on their game. You might be receiving something from me as well for all of the amazing effort :grinning:)