Contest: Love and Fortune on the Wings of a Dragon

Hey, Dragon Lords! Are you ready for another creative Forum contest? This month will be your month! This will be very similar in style to the December contest, which had so many beautiful and super creative entries, but this month will be centered around the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day creatives.

What do I need to do to participate?

  • Create something that mixes dragons and the Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, or both. Examples include: drawings, songs, short stories, some form of baking, etc.
  • Entries will need to be submitted as uploaded images to the forum, links to IG/FB/Twitter, links to Youtube or Vimeo, or PDFs
  • Only 1 entry per player

Who will be judging the entries?
Entries will be judged by the War Dragons Team.

How long will this contest run? When will winners be announced?
This contest will run from today, February 12th, to Friday, February 23nd. Winners will be announced on Friday, March 2nd.

What can I win?
Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize: a War Dragons Swag Bag (the one featured on our Atlas Launch Stream), a poster, and 3000 sigils
  • 2nd Prize: a War Dragons Mug and shirt (also featured on our Atlas Launch Stream), poster, and 2000 sigils
  • 3rd Prize: a poster, and 1000 sigils

You may see some posts from our team pop into this contest as well (we can’t be actually entered to win).


This is the year of the Dog, not the Dragon


Wait do we submit here …?

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Is that the “this is inappropriate / not PC” emoticon?

No. It’s a crazy face. lol.

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Yes, please! You can post your creative submission here on this thread to be entered into the contest. :slight_smile:

Meet Thanan, the Reaper of Hearts and Herald of the Lunar New Year! When the clock strikes the beginning of the Lunar New Year, this dragon flies through the land and reaps the hearts of poor unfortunate souls. Once Valentines Day has swept the land and ended, this dragon will sleep once again until the beginning of the next Lunar New Year! Only the strongest warriors can tame this beast of love and chaos! Those who tame him will then wield the power to create and destroy love! Can you wield the power?


IGN ChargerRT1969

I figured the new year, year of the dog, should have a new dog, a puppy, meet a new Dragon.

Here is to making new friends in a new year. CHEERS everyone!

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Having Asperger’s is definitely fun

Hola soy española, escribiré en español y después con traductor, seguramente no lo tradujo bien del todo. Espero que alguno sepa español y pueda corregirlo!

Hi, I’m Spanish, I’ll write in Spanish and then with a translator, it probably did not translate well at all. I hope that someone knows Spanish and can correct it!

Es la historia de la Luna enamorada de aquella loba solitaria.

Cada noche, la loba aullaba a la Luna deseando poder tocarla, pero no podía.

Un día en sueños la loba vio un Dragon que le llamaba, ven a la cueva de los enamorados, allí estaré esperándote.
Se despertó extrañada, pero tenia tanto deseo de estar con su amada que decidió buscar aquella cueva llamada " de los enamorados"
Tardo tiempo en encontrarla pero no se rindio, su corazon era muy fuerte.
Se quedo mirando la entrada de la Cueva, decidió entrar.
Con voces susurrantes llamaba a la Loba, fue caminando con cautela, hasta que vio algo muy grande de color verde. Se sorprendio, dijo, que estraña criatura eres, el respondio soy un Dragon de los deseos.
Te he estado observando mucho tiempo, jamás había visto tanto amor, por eso quiero concederte el poder estar junta con tu amada Luna.
Pero, debeis dejar vuestro cuerpo y reencarnaros es dos maravillosas mujeres, dejareis de ser Luna y Loba, estas de acuerdo?
La Loba sin dudarlo dijo que si.
Hubo una luz muy brillante que dejo ciega a la Loba, cuando desapareció aquella luz, abrió los ojos y vio una mujer vestida de novia blanco puro, se quedo mirando a los ojos y se le reflejaba la silueta de la Luna, no dudo en saber que era ella.
Se miro, y vio su rostro de mujer, también vestida de novia blanco y negro.
El Dragon le hablo y les dijo, por la magia divina que a sido concedida yo os declaro la vida eterna juntas, seré vuestro Guardian.
Y así la historia de los enamorados acaba, las dos preciosas mujeres vestidas de novia cabalgando aquel dragon.
Este es el principio del fin

It is the story of the Moon in love with that lonely wolf.
Each night, the wolf howled at the moon wishing she could touch it, but she could not.
One day in dreams the she-wolf saw a Dragon that called him, come to the cave of the lovers, there I’ll be waiting for you.
She woke up surprised, but she had so much desire to be with her beloved that she decided to look for that cave called “de los enamorados”
He took time to find her but he did not give up, his heart was very strong.
He stood looking at the entrance of the Cave, decided to enter.
With whispering voices he called the Wolf, he walked cautiously, until he saw something very big green. He was surprised, he said, what a strange creature you are, he answered, I am a Dragon of desires.
I’ve been watching you for a long time, I’ve never seen so much love, so I want to grant you the power to be together with your beloved Luna.
But, you must leave your body and reincarnate you are two wonderful women, you will stop being Luna and Loba, are you in agreement?
La Loba without hesitation said yes.
There was a very bright light that left the Wolf blind, when that light disappeared, she opened her eyes and saw a woman dressed as a pure white bride, she looked into her eyes and the silhouette of the Moon was reflected, I do not hesitate to know What she was.
He looked at himself, and saw his face as a woman, also dressed as a black and white bride.
The Dragon spoke to him and told them, because of the divine magic that has been granted, I declare you eternal life together, I will be your Guardian.
And so the story of lovers ends, the two beautiful women dressed as brides riding that dragon.
This is the beginning of the end


An Ode to an Angel

I was once a lord of a mighty realm,
A warrior as skilled as he was vain.
Yet when the Dark One rose, my strength mattered naught.
All who opposed His Black Legions were slain.

For years I wandered, blinded and bound,
Forever lost in His eternal night.
But from the moment we crossed blades on the blackened battleground,
You gradually brought me into your light.

Now we reunite at the edge of the world,
To bring an end to the Blackbloods’ reign.
Though the longer I stray from Kharnyx’s presence,
The more my unholy power wanes.

Every passing morn, my life force grows frailer.
A painful remembrance of my forced pact.
Yet when I fly with you, my blackened heart quickens.
I am left forever speechless, unable to react.

When we have a rare moment to ourselves,
We sit together and reminisce of days long past.
Her smile masks her sorrow. My apathy hides my concern.
Yet the more we stand side by side, the more my tortured soul yearns.

On the First Dusk of the Dragon Festival,
I will finally confess my plight.
Though my cursed body slowly withers,
I must gather my strength for tonight.

Once, when we fought on opposite sides
I served as the shadow to her light.
Now we both serve the Great Dragon Lord,
An Angel, and a Kharnyx Knight.

“Hey there.”

Though I am exhausted, I will never tire of her angelic voice. Yet I still take a moment to collect myself. As the days go on, I find myself aching where I should not. Joints cracking when they should be silent. The price of my betrayal, I thought. Sometimes it becomes hard to think properly. Sometimes… I need to focus.

“Learned something important the other day,” I stated, with a voice gravelly as the road before us. A byproduct from His Curse. Sometimes its hard for others to hear. Yet, she always hears me fine…

“Is this about someone special?”, Kayla cooed, as she suggestively raised her brows. If only she knew. A soft sigh escaped my lips, or whatever remained of them. I knew the costs of defying Him, and I was living on borrowed time. No warrior of Kharnyx has ever had a peaceful end…

Which is why I am here. So that I will live out the rest of my undeath with no more regrets. They all need to know. She needs to know…

When I remained unmoving, she leaned in closer. By Kharynx… “Is this about the Commander?” she half-whispered. “I can keep a secret. You can trust me.”

I know. “Kayla.”

She looked at me, almost bemused.

Words are hard.

War is much easier than this. Grant me a blade and I will cut down those that oppose you. Grant me a dragon and I will bring you blood and glory.

“I have something to tell you.”

Her eyes seemed to illuminate at that. Damn. By Kharnyx’s unholy staff, damn! If she shined any brighter, Gustav’s forces would come flying down on their position. Wouldn’t that be a treat?


Grant me your heart and I will give you the world.

My visage faltered for a moment. And here I thought the dead could no longer have nerves… I steeled mine anyways.

“Kayla. I…”

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I paused. The magic in the air was gone. Though there were still people celebrating and participating in festival games, everything felt… different. What was I supposed to be doing?

“Never mind,” I offered her a slight smile, “Let’s enjoy the festival.”

She smiled in return, almost knowingly. “Whatever you say.”





The next entries will be very artistic as well. Can’t wait to see what other people enter into this contest!


Two dragons standing on space??


this is… this is beautiful.