Contest: Love and Fortune on the Wings of a Dragon


:joy: this looks like it was done by a 3 year old


Birds of a feather love together! That’s so cute, I love it :heart:


Thanks :blush: I did it during math class :joy:


Did you draw this? It is amazing! @Callistorm


I just sketched this. It’s called Butch the lunar dragon :dragon: I didn’t have time to color it


I don’t think that I’ll win this contest either but even if I don’t win, I still tried hard! Cheers to everyone and may Thanan, the Reaper of Hearts help you!


better than i could ever do



I love the feel of this drawing, your abilities are wonderful.
Putting emotion into a picture can be challenging, I strive to do that in most of my art.

Great work on this one.


but you do put emotion into your art! It’s very visible. The personality in the stories is beautiful as well.


Oh my goodness thank you so much


So what do you think about Thanan? My entry


Thanan is very wonderful, I love all the amazing colors! It’s great!


just drew another I know it’s a long shot but I have hope :joy: :grin:


Thanan reminds me of the Lantern Festival in Taipei. Colorful and wonderful. Reaper of hearts is a great addition to thanans story.

I could see this as a lantern in the fair grounds of Taipei. Nicely done.


Remember 1 entry per player. Might want to specify which one you’d like to be considered when they look through the applications.


Are you really trying to pull off image theft? :woman_facepalming: “moonclaw, the dragon of lunar new year” yeah, right…




Love all the lights surrounding this arch from a picture I took, notice the dragons detailed inside :slight_smile:


lolololol :joy:


Zarkeron, Opposite Force Avatar
This dragon was born on Febuary 15th (the day in between this year’s Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year). Zarkeron grew up quickly because his father died due to a comet clash. He had to take over has the avatar of balanced forces, otherwise the balance between all the elements in War Dragons will be broken. This would cause absolute chaos and destruction. Zarkeron at the age of 10, found a mysterious stone in one of the clouds , this stone was the named the Titanium Evolution Stone. This stone helped Zarkeron evolve into a top tier dragon later on in his life. He didn’t know what the stone did, so he brought it to his father. His father replied, “Oh my, I don’t know what that is but it looks extremely powerful. Maybe you should keep it in your treasure chest.” Zarkeron then, put it in his special treasure chest given to him when he was 2 years of age. 10 years later, Tannan, the reaper of hearts stole the treasure chest in attempt to take over the universe. Zarkeron used his timeshift ability to dodge Tannan’s guardians. During timeshift, he casted Lunar Lights. This spell disabled all tannan’s mages and one-shot Tannan. “What the hell was that,” Tannan screamed angrily. Zarkeron showed himself and Tannan snarled. Before Tannan made a move, Zarkeron used Zodiac Ray. A few seconds later, Tannan was knocked out. Zarkeron entered the castle where Tannan hid the treasure chest containing the Titanium Evolution Stone. “Look there it is,” Zarkeron exclaimed. BOOM!Zarkeron felt extreme pain and he fell to the ground. Tannan was standing right in front of the chest. All the elements through out the War Dragon world we’re going crazy, everything was dying. It was up to Zarkeron to save them and in order to defeat Tannan this time, he needed the Titanium Evolution Stone. Tannan took a few steps back and cackled loudly. “You know it has been nice destroying you, now it’s time for me to become the one and only Titanium Dragon!!” Tannan announced. Tannan consumer the stone and…

Nothing Happened

“Zarkeron,” someone in the shadows called from. Zarkeron slowly stood up and replied, “Who is it?” “I’m your father,” the voice echoed. Zarkeron’s father helped Zarkeron up and completely healed him using Healing Mark twenty times. Next Zarkeron’s father took Zarkeron’s hand and placed something cold and rigid in his hand. “What is it?” Zarkeron asked reluctantly. “It is the real Titanium Evolution Stone,” Zarkeron’s father broadcasted to Tannan, Zarkeron and the world.
5 years later…Zarkeron’s father died of Dragonemonia (disease)

Earlier when Zarkeron was 10 years of age, his father sneakily replaced the real one that Zarkeron found in the clouds with a fake one using his magical powers. He knew that Zarkeron wasn’t going to be able to handle the evils that might take it, so he kept it until Zarkeron was ready.

Zarkeron’s right side is the light element and represents love, happiness, and solution, while Zarkeron’s left side represents the darkness element and evil, dispair and destruction. Zarkeron is currently flying in the skies helping keep all the War Dragons safe and maintain balance. Once Zarkeron turns 4000 years of age, he will retire and a new dragon will be nominate to maintain the balance of the War Dragons Universe.

Zarkeron’s Spells
Lunar Lights: Active 1 Rage, White
Disable mage auras in the range (similar to Desicatting Sands). After that tower is hit, you may activate the spell again to death gaze a tower.

Timeshift: Active, 0 rage blue
Cloaks dragon. Spells can be activated during the duration. If this spell is clicked again during the duration, Dragon will go back to original position.

Zodiac Ray: Active, 1 rage, red
Blinds all towers. Towers cannot attack during the duration and all active super shots are destroyed. Increase dragon damage by 250%.

Adaptive Resist: Switch between Ultimate Flak Resist, Cosmic Cannon Resist and Titanium Archer Resist

Happy Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year everyone!