Contest: Love and Fortune on the Wings of a Dragon


Thanan was inspired by cupid, but a darker version of him, a certain dragon, and someone who reaps peoples hearts followed by the beginning of the lunar new year. That’s my inspiration for my entry


Oops I spelled thanan wrong :frowning:


it’s okay, I like it that used my dragon in your story! Full props! The Reaper of Hearts has a brother that I will be unveiling in the next contest when I have the chance, so keep an eye out for the next reaper…or champion!


Anybody who wants a sneak peek on my next reaper can message me in game. It may be a reaper but it may also be a champion.


So let me get this straight… Self deprecating humor isn’t appropriate to some little PC cupcakes on here?

Whatever. How about rather than hiding behind your little anonymous flag you explain to me why saying I am more autistic than artistic is inappropriate when in fact it’s true?

I made fun of no one, I made myself vulnerable by sharing a condition I have.

I could argue that your flagging is more inappropriate.


Careful, the cupcake patrol might think this is inappropriate


If you’re going to be talking here then you could try to at least make a song or rap since you did say that you’re more autistic than artistic


Just a suggestion to you


it’s very creative. I would redraw it if you would let me.


Haha the other guy deleted his so I’ll follow suit :rofl:

Don’t hurt me pg I love you :kissing_heart:


Ao good bruh!


Thank youuu~!


Riley the Lunar Dragon


A few years ago, Eros the god of love, went to a party… boy meets girl, girl seems to be a dragon… laughs over here, fire over there… and some time later, here is Eros Jr., the dragon-god of love :joy::man_facepalming:


These are all really good entries! Can’t wait to see the next ones!


Oh wait! The contest ends one day before I sing my duet at my school’s Solo/Emsemble Contest! Can’t wait to do it! Hope I do well even though I’ve been practicing


Kirin and the swallows of spring


THATS such a nice drawing! I don’t like pink that much but you made it look amazing in this drawing! Props!


Thank you


These entries are so good! Love em! Keep working on them, guys!