Contest: Love and Fortune on the Wings of a Dragon


I finally finished!


The Lunar Ritual

It is said that once each year, when dragons’ fires burn brightest, they gather under a very special moon and begin their Lunar Ritual. These powerful creatures flock from every corner of the region to an ancient breeding ground to hatch the next generation of dragons.


It’s totally animated I just cannot figure out how to shrink it. I posted it on war dragons face book. Under the. Challenge post and cannot figure out how to link it here
I won’t b at all upset if some drags it to this forum n or format. It at all. Even my Jpg is to big.


I would just recommend you upload it to a 3rd party app and post the link, or provide the link to their Facebook challenge post where I see you have it and specify what the problem was here.


Here we have some War Dragons-themed Valentines! It’s not just people who enjoy spreading the love this holiday!


What I REALLY want to know is why Beaveemp/Beaverok hasn’t been fully illustrated yet!?

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Ahhh I love all of these!! Everyone’s creativity is amazing to see. :sparkling_heart:


That’s so much better than my dragon, love your drawing, Giratina! Check out mine, which is posted farther above. So just scroll up until you see it


Hello Thanan :blush::wink:
Love the color of yours too


Thanks KingxQueenNyx :blush:
I also drawn Kirin too :wink:


Happy Lunar New Year !!


I’m so jealous about your art and drawing skills now. I wish that I had them!


D’aww, that’s adorable! I love its little face :heart:


That’s absolutely amazing !!! Wow well done :sunglasses:


Wow SirsKitty that’s awesome, great read. Would be fantastic to have another double dragon.




What an amazing love story incorporating the dragons, emotions and the natural elemental forces. Would be super awesone to see as a dragon in the game excellent SirsKitty :kissing_heart:


what a beautiful idea and the story, hope it will be put into wd roster :heart_eyes:


A pair of beautiful dragons with a great love story. Would love to see them brought to life.


This is the entry that I’ve drawn on my laptop: