Contest: Love and Fortune on the Wings of a Dragon


This is my submission for the contest :grin:


Does the contest end at midnight tonight? I just found out about it when it showed up on Facebook like two days ago… working on a piece but not yet done… also can you PLEASE start sending notification in game about these events… y’all do it for twitch why not contests!!!


@ScreamingMime, we will definitely make sure that we do in-game mails about these contests moving forward. I generally close it around midnight or so.


Beautiful dragon and great idea


Awesome sauce… yeah it’s irritating that I find out about these only a day or so in advance


Same pic just not sure if it looks better fully cropped… melt my frozen heart war dragons :slight_smile: hope I got it in on time. Suppose I should also say colored pencil drawing done without reference


@Arelyna @PGCrisis How much time is left to submit entries for this contest?


You have slightly more than 4 hours if Midnight PT is the deadline.


…wish I would have had time to complete the dragon painting to go with this, instead of using my old drawing from years ago. Eventually I’ll be able to finish that painting… along with a half a dozen other.
Dang work schedule!



All of these entries have been quite amazing! The winners will be announced next Friday, March 2nd!


Hey all!

The entries that people entered this time were amazing! We really do love seeing all the creativity that the community has and loves to share with us.

And now to our announcement of the winners!

Cue the fanfare :tada::fireworks::tada::fireworks:

The winners are:

1st: @Owlet123
2nd: @Kappatain
3rd: @GreyWarden3

Congratulations to our 3 winners! Please PM me (or I will PM you this weekend), so we can sort out some stuff for your prize!

Please note that there will be no March contest, and Crisis and I will be back with a new one in April. :smiley:


March Contest Remains To Be Seen