Contest: Write a War Dragons Guide!


Hey, Dragon Lords! Would you like to be featured on our Knowledge Base and win prizes for helping fellow Dragon Lords with advancing in the game? Our weekend contest gives community members the opportunity to share their knowledge.

What do I need to do to participate?

  • Create a guide on anything in War Dragons, whether it be the main game or Atlas. Examples would be how to upgrade a primarch, how to level a dragon, etc.
  • Guides for all player levels are welcome.
  • Guides can be a video or written.
  • Video guides will need to be submitted with a link to YouTube or Vimeo, and written guides will need to be submitted via a link to a Google Doc. If people are having issues with submitting a Google Doc, you are welcome to submit a PDF in a PM, but I still would prefer a Google Doc
  • Players, such as Red, Gox, Odin, etc, can use a guide that they have already made, but it needs to be something created within the current fall season.
  • Only 1 entry per player

Who will be judging the guides?
Guides will be judged by the War Dragons Team.

How long will this contest run? When will winners be announced?
This contest will run from the post time (Friday afternoon) to Monday evening (11/13). Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 16th.

What can I win?
Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize: a War Dragons Swag Bag (the one featured on our Atlas Launch Stream); guide featured on our Knowledge Base page and forum
  • 2nd Prize: a War Dragons Mug (also featured on our Atlas Launch Stream); guide featured on our Knowledge Base page and forum
  • 3rd Prize: Guide featured on our Knowledge Base page and forum

The new player experience, and the current state of Gold League

War Dragons🙋🏻
Best defensive island for lower level players is Lighthouse, put your higher best towers there and boost it. You would crush most of the best dragons there😈

  • List item


I think we are supposed to put it here. But here is a guide to flying Necryx/general tips for hunters on YouTube.


We’re gonna have to deliberate on this one. The goal is to create guides for the contest, not repost a previous one. I’ll check in with Arelyna to see if she disagrees with my rules-lawyer nature.


Make sure to include in the discussion @Gox1201’s atlas guide. I would argue that should be eligible for this contest. As long as it’s not out of date, it should be fair game :man_shrugging:t3:


What is the thing that we’re supposed to share the google doc too?


Just post the link to a GDoc here.


It fits the given criteria. It’s a guide useful for all areas of the game. If I made a guide already, then why can I not use it? What’s the difference? I see no rules given stating otherwise :man_shrugging:


Dude, GOOGLE DOCS link.


The how not to play war dragons… a guide for those who want to not have a very successful time in war dragons.

Let’s start with base building.
First we all know more is better than less… so build your base as long as possible. Remember more lower level towers are better than a few pesky big towers. This will really intimidate those players that want to attack you.

FARMS AND MILLS- these don’t need to be big. Remember people won’t attack you if you don’t have rss.

MAGE TOWERS these guys do not damage dragons so don’t build them. Simple.

BALLISTA TOWERS these little guys right here they are the bomb. Build lots of them. If that’s all you can build, build many. Imagine your poor dragon constantly inflicted with bee stings. It would suffer greatly, as it flies from one side of your base to the other. (Better to let the dragon live and know not to return than harm a dragon right?)

Next let’s talk dragons.

Grumble is not available anymore so don’t think you can ever have the most OP dragon. Instead just breed every dragon from red to obsidian. DONT SKIP ANY

Make sure you use all 3 dragons every time you fly. This spreads xp to more dragons with less runs.

RESEARCH- What’s that?

Now how to have a successful team
Always leave a spot open on your team in case a new guy wants to join you.
Try recruiting level 7 players so you can train them and don’t bring strange bad habits in like some level 80 player telling your new guys they need mage towers.

Make sure you farm teams like dread or japaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze they don’t mind and always have the wood you need to build more ballista turrets.

Unfortunately spanishreino is no more cause they loved to share food. But wood is more sought after than food anyways so it’s ok.

Finally, make sure you point out how your team is superior in LC. Exploit everything. You don’t need to log in often. Once your ballista are built your base basically runs itself.

These are the essence of this game. Attack often… very often. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. Just keep going. And remember it’s much more awesome to take a base solo, don’t ask for help and don’t give up. Persistence is key.

Um… no comment

This has been the JJ how to not play war dragons guide. I hope you enjoy it.


So basically what you said is everyone that has already been creating guides are screwed…

People have been putting time into helping your player base and your saying their hard work won’t work in this contest…

Another flawed pg ideal

Bet a lot of they put you get will be someone else’s work changed into a new format, similar to the fight pit y’all called a new event (just old events put into a new format)


Did you just copy/paste from your wiki, keeping all your recruiting info as well?


Please post as a GDocs link.


I really hope this contest helps to promote GOOD, INFORMATIVE information and guides rather than people just slapping something together for an entry. It’s an actual fear I have of this type of time limit guides open to absolutely everybody with an account.

I hope these guides are vetted for accuracy and relevance or there is a chance there will be a ton of brand new garbage information out there.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best as always.


Where is this Google doc link


That’s part of why we’re taking a couple of days to review all the guides.


Part of the reason I’m against people submitting guides they’ve made in the past is because someone could write one really good quality guide and submit it over and over if we run this contest again. Maintaining a database of guides that have been submitted in previous events is a bit onerous, where searching to see if the guide existed prior to the event is fairly easy.

I’m open to discussion on this though!


Umm still confused how’s do I give a google doc?


Than make is so people can’t use the same guide over and over again in competitions. I got 250 videos for example, I can do different ones every competition :man_shrugging:


And just check if the final three you choose have been used. If one of them has, then pick a new one until you got 3 “unique” guides.