Continued defense power dropping

My defense power has been jacked up for 4 months. I’ve sent in a million tickets where the problem is acknowledged that there is in fact a bug. It goes down every fort despite lots of money being paid. Can anyone actually fix this??

Are your boosts on?

Not sure why it’s going down every time you level up… that sounds like a crazy bug I’ve never seen. Do you have any screen shots?

I have personally encountered 2 bugs with base defense ratings.

  1. I have noticed that removing/changing perch dragons can sometimes result in your perch not showing for anyone else. Thus, losing the buffs from rider and gear.

  2. Also, there was an issue with the base boost not always applying fully to my base (Which PG fixed after I submitted a ticket). The later islands had the full boost applied (52% with the 30/30 monument boosts), but my kill and before was at 48%), so the full boost was not being applied to the whole base. :man_shrugging:

The perch issue I had, I was unaware of until a PvP event, where everyone and their mother was targeting me… a teammate checked my base due to the flood of attacks on me and saw there was no perch. (It looked totally fine to me and the rating showed to me was fine).

I had made the change a week prior… so apparently it had been like that for some time.

I was able to force the game to recognize the perch by “Feeding” the perch dragon (to boost the perch attack)… and then the def rating started showing to everyone else as well.

Of course

I’ve done all of this checking. Submitted tickets for months. Developers have been aware. Still no solutio.

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