Continuing Elite Account

So, I am debating on whether continuing an elite account gives any bonus at this point. Upgrades on buildings take so long that I am only upgrading one building at a time and buying timers; double tokens don’t mean as much with no dragons to breed. Yes, I realize they are releasing more Harbingers, but, probably have enough tokens for them already. Thoughts?

:thinking: Not sure if sarcastic or what -
What about the XP boost? 127.8 days vs 223.8 days without elite (Kayla + 50% mine boost) to expert a Harb Mythic?

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Your right, I forgot about XP.

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Xp boost and extra egg tokens are the things that really sell elite for me… especially since I’m still struggling through the garnet wall. Going to be starting on A&A when breeding starts :tada:

Stop being cheap

  1. Gimme ya tokens right meow
  2. Elite gives the XP bonus which will really help
  3. If you don’t have research, the extra eggs ($5 per month) can go towards research eggs if you don’t want to save
  4. Building slot is nice for fort events if you want to leave your storage hut constantly upgrading in the background while you use the second slot for actually doing towers
  5. The RSS bonus is nice for events, even if you are just giving it to teammates :slight_smile:

Overall for the $5 a month i’d say keep it. You have more than likely spent a considerable amount to get where you are, so this may not be too much in the grand scheme of things for you, but only you can really be the judge of that.

If you want to get rid of it as a matter of principle, that’s an entirely different story and will probably take more than a single person to make an impact. But stand up for your beliefs if you feel it’s the right thing to do.


Without the xp boost you’d have to make roughly 9 extra runs a day to Equal it out.

Lol. 9 runs a day? I usually hit 30-50 runs a day. Yeah I guess I will renew.

Why would uou upgrade only one building at a time? I don’t understand

Because like me you don’t want to spend real money on fake money.

But if you have elite already. Why not use both builderd?

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But time is more than money :thinking:


Because if you are building efficently, then one of your top towers will be out of comission while its upgrading. I can’t imagine how shitty my base would be if I let my dark flak upgrade without speeding it up. The only tower I’d consider not speeding up would be one of the mage towers, but I’d be stuck with a significantly weaker one until the one I was working on upgrading finished on its own.


I don’t leave holes in my base. I always use speedups to complete buildings.


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