Contribution tab/ledgers

I have had previously explained to me what is on the contributions page and ledgers, but now have support telling me I am wrong as I sent in our contribution page was off.

@Arelyna So can I get a concrete answer to what goes into the contribution page for gold for example?

I know ledgers will show me weekly donations, etc. What does the 30 days of the contribution show for gold numbers?

Does anyone have a link that explains this in detail?

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There is a directory for the ledger and contribution page smh. So i don’t understand why so hard. But ok, bank ledger = go to your castle, manage, bank ledger, and summary. This is a weekly basis. Self explanatory. Ok, contributions page is a monthly summary. The directory is in top right but I’ll explain.
1:Gold = monthly gold earned,
2: shards= amount of shards earned for the month.
3:Single swords = monthly troops killed
4: Triple sword = All time troops killed
5: Helmet = how many troops you have ready, not counting what is reviving/building, what is revive able.

Numbers 1-3: Do not reset, after the next month starts, until you do something to reset them.


Thank u but I want to know what constitutes negative number?

What is included for example in gold contribution, beasts, mine gold donated, etc?
why is there negative numbers on a teammate if they have done nothing?

Shards- why would anyone have negative number of shards or lumber or food?


White is the top half of the team, red is the below average.

I know all of that but still not answer to my questions. Stats seem to be off this last reset am trying to get definitive answers

Like I said, until someone makes a gold run, hits a beast to get shards, or kills any troops. They will show last months results. That’s probably why they seem off. Someone isn’t doing one of these, since it’s first of the month. They are still looking like good stats. But only because they aren’t doing anything to make it reset. Maybe this is explanation. My teams contributions is normal as always.


We have team members who have not been active in several days who are not generally very active showing 285 gold contribution,whereas top gold member gold contributors showing negative

Example: member had 389 m gold contribution yesterday, very active member, today supposedly after reset yesterday first show 3 m in the red, after four beast hits 5 m in the red, and each time in the red after runs.

How does and active member have 285m contribution when they haven’t been on game but player who is always top of list be in the red after repeated atlas runs?

Read up 2 post

I get it you don’t know

Bro I’ve told you 2-3 times in this thread. Until someone does something this month. It will still show last months results.


Just read

First. Red doesn’t mean negative.
Second, what this idiot says is actually correct.


You can tell me all you want but I am looking for definitive answer and support has said otherwise. So thank you but unless u can tell me as PG employee you are guessing just like I am.

@henfon can you explain what you mean by red does not mean negative?

I’m not guessing, but ok. I know what I’m talking about. You need some reading skills it seems. Idk, if you just read my reply I’m telling you how it works. Just read up. Or just wonder, cause they aren’t coming to tell you. When it’s already been clarified by the community to you.

I have reading skills thank you, I ask specific questions, you evidently need reading skills because none of my questions were answered.
So let’s not be rude because it seems like both of us are tired, you did not answer my questions.

White is the top half of your teams contribution page for each category. Red is bottom half of your teams, earnings. It doesn’t mean negative.