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You used to be able to send messages with statistics about how much gold you’ve collected and how much more you need to keep up with others on the team. When is this feature being added back in? My guess it’s just broken when you try and send a message via contributions page it’s just a blank message for us to fill out. Is this the way it is intended to be used now?

The “to”, “subject” and “body” are all pre-populated if I tap on someone who has a contribution which is listed in red (i.e., well below the team median). Only the “to” field is populated if I tap on someone whose contributions are all listed in white. If you’re seeing something different, could let you let us know who on your team you’re trying to tap on and screenshot their row so we can see which cells are red?

Doesn’t matter which contrib is red, just creates an empty email (since last patch)

Just tested on gold, shards and kills. Multiple different players.

Using ios Iphone 7

I tapped on the mail icon on the left side to start the mails. Are you tapping there too, or somewhere else? @Arelyna will follow up and try to better understand the issue and then get it into our backlog. Though it’s working on the device I’m using, it definitely sounds like there’s something broken.

I’m on Android and it worked 1 out of 100 tries and it didn’t pick the right person to auto fill out the message to. I’ll keep messing with it but I’m pretty sure it’s broken somewhere.

Of the times that I’ve had it pre-populate (once was sort by lowest, 2nd was tapping on the applicable red resource), I had to tap Cancel first for the subject and body to populate… then tap Cancel again to cancel it.

Yes this happened to me as well. It was the only way it populated the message. Thank you for the exact issue there. I still can’t get it to do it all the time and to the right person.

Could you send in a ticket please and PM me the ticket number? Please include screenshots and or a video of what this looks like

Alright ticket done and pm sent with video proof.

Also sent - it’s working consistently for me on gold/ships destroyed, as long as I tap on the red number > mail > cancel, though it’s an odd way to get it working. It doesn’t work for crafting materials or if I don’t tap on a red item prior to mailing.

New update now really makes this page not work. Please look into it @PGDave thank you. When I press the red gold numbers then click on name to message it doesn’t prefil the message. Then once I click cancel it only fills out subject line now and puts nothing in the body.

It’s been ticketed already (62186).

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