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I understand that auto kick helps eliminate the players that need to be kicked but what about people that go on vacation? Why is the system doing what a leader and the officers are supposed to do? They should have some control of the auto kick, I.e. number of days, or turning it on or off. There are a number of players that told me they were going on vacation and shouldn’t have been kicked.

Auto kick will not kick unless the player goes literally inactive and cannot be attacked. It’s not fair to keep players on your team that cannot be attacked so…

Also, few days of inactivity won’t push you to inactive enough to auto kick. You have to do nothing for over a week. Just invite your friends back when they are able to log in once a week.

I think the problem there is why does it matter if they’re inactive? Let us attack whomever has an account. A level 500 can attack a level 5 but not someone who has gone inactive…

I’ve always though the auto kick was a stupid feature. It should be up to the team’s leadership who gets kicked and when. Just allow people to hit inactive people for wars and events and then it wouldnt matter.

You won’t be able to advance on the league ranking if you can attack inactive players on your teams.

How can you get 350 flame points if one of your members is inactive? Once they know that a team has an inactive player, I imagine getting declared multiple times.

Yes, the player gets to stay on his/her team, but the team will suffer from multiple war loss. You can’t suggest that it gives your team and the other team 7 flame points because that will be unfair as you can just go with 1 active and 49 inacitve and have that 1 active steamroll through the ranks until they reach diamond since the current rule in a double tie (same flame points same attack attempt) is the lower rank team gets the win.

Your statement makes absolutely no sense at all. No one said anything about being able to attack your own inactive members. I said allow us to hit inactive members on other teams the same as you’d hit an active one. How can you get 350 flames if your member gets auto kicked? I’d rather have an inactive member that has the chance to come back or that the other team has to at least hit to get flames against than for them to get auto kicked and everyone in the league declare for the 7 free flames. I’d bet you the team with 49/50 is going to get declared on more than the 50/50 with an inactive member.

What? This statement makes no sense at all. Why would you get 7 flames for having an inactive member? If you have 1 active and 49 inactives then that team is going to only get 7 flames in a war while the other team would be able to get up to 350 if they 7 flame everyone.

I don’t know if you have read my comment properly… How can your team get 350 flame points if one of your member is inactive

Means how will the inactive member get the final 7 flame points if the other team already has 350 flame points. Yeah, there’s a chance for the player to come back, but what are the chances of that happening if he/she has been offline for more than 2 weeks? Would you risk 2 weeks of war declaration?

The point of my post is that while being able to have an inactive stay on your team, you risk your team being demoted because of the above reason.

I also made an advance note that if you suggested to give 7 flame points to both team to compensate the inactive, then it will be exploited. Since you didn’t suggest it, then you don’t need to mind that last part.

Since google is having an issue affecting my ability to edit, I’ll just post another one.

I know your team can handle it, but I don’t think other teams would. Well, this is just what I see when it gets implemented. If it works in the end, great. If not, then nothing I can do since that’s just 1 opinion.

I don’t think the teams that have inactive members are usually teams hitting anywhere near 350 flames. They’re more likely deciding between having a non-contributor and having an empty spot.

Sorry, OP, I’m all for the auto-kick. As for why, They may do it to limit the amount of user data they have to keep available. Got a bunch of accounts are never gonna log in again, archive them to some less expensive and available storage. Stuff was worse in lower leagues when the auto kick was broken.


They cant. Your team cant get 350 flames if that member gets auto kicked either so… why does that matter?

Over not having that spot filled and be guaranteed to have wars declared? Absolutely. It’s not like leadership couldnt swap out that account when you find a replacement.

This is different than being down a member… how? This is what Im not understanding about your post. How is anything you said different than how it already works where the same team would be down a member, other than that the teams declaring on them wouldnt necessarily know if that member is inactive or not vs getting an automatic 7 flames. You cant see the activity level of another team’s members unless they apply to your team so you wouldnt know if that person was inactive or just didnt show up for war.

My post was that the team leadership should get to decide when that member gets kicked. If we can hit inactive members then there’s no problem, if there’s a war then that member doesnt contribute flames just like the empty spot wouldnt. The other team could still hit that person and get flames but they wouldnt automatically get 7 just for declaring and wouldnt know that that spot is inactive.
It has never made sense to me why we cant hit inactive accounts. What does activity status matter to an attacker?

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I believe it comes down to space. Probably also better for the game not to be littered with inactive accounts, but that isn’t the subject of this thread. It’s autokick.

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