Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


Who is the weaker team - the team that can get 250 on their own but will probably need to wave and thus get defended more than 50 times, or the team that needs a merc to be able to get 250 in the first place? :thinking:


The first one because they cry about a merc


@GhostOfDravoz You are wrong! They can swap out a player after his attack has already been completed. His points still stand. Additionally if that player’s base has already been beaten then they loose NOTHING by swapping him out. So they can most definitely get 250 flames while cheating!


@LizDrakemoor That’s just BS! You can’t expect me to believe that a team is warring every day their not in an event? Additionally you can leave a team during a build event and it doesn’t harm your team or you event at all.

What idiot works off the belief that a design loophole shouldn’t be fixed because the team is warring every day becides event days? And you believe him? :thinking:


@FlashingRed nor do you!


@FlashingRed Oh so let’s not fix the issue because it’s been that way forever? What kind of stupid logic is that?!

And this one was flagged also? Did someone’a Feelings get hurt? Seriously?


I hope you do realize that bumping this thread will not change the priority PG has assigned to it and chastising other members also will not help your cause. Best to be respectful of everyone’s opinions and not continue to create more posts unless you have something new to add. But… that is my opinion. I guess some people can’t let a dead horse die


I enjoyed when his forum account was suspended :roll_eyes:


@FlashingRed your statement:

You keep saying should. It “should” work whatever way they design it.

It’s calked a design flaw!


@Gox1201 You just don’t get it! It’s like warring another team of 51 or more (I have seen multiple mercenaries brought in). They swap out lower level player(s) after their bases are defeated (so you already expended the energy attacking them) and after they piggybacked that player already to take down your player(s) and loose absolutely NOTHING! Then the mercenaries help take down the rest. And you persist this isn’t a problem? Come on … :thinking:


@TheUnrulyMoose I don’t want the post to die and the topic be swept under the rug.

And now this post was flagged … seriously?


@Lutrus Relaxation time is over. If you can’t take the heat stay out of the conversation.


Why does it matter to be honest? Don’t you ever stop and think that, a big level like you being in a lower level league, can be called bully?
So if you are ok with bullying smaller teams, suck it up and deal with this. They already lost a 5 flame to you and maybe gain 5 flames back


I wish I could like this many times.

Perhaps that is a design flaw as well and I should tag PG.



I’ll leave this here again… :roll_eyes:


My team doesn’t war every day, and I can’t speak for teams in higher leagues. Remember that is NOT my quote. That was a point raised by someone who is on a team that’s facing an entirely different situation than my team (currently in Plat IV).

I have no trouble believing that in higher leagues there’s never really an “off” day, except for during PVP events.

Edit: Wars CAN be declared during fortifcation and breeding events.


oopps. Just want to stress that out again for him I guess :angel:


:roll_eyes: wasn’t for you… :joy:


@Dakhunter Your last statement just shows how out of touch you are from the game! Take a close look at Plat1 and you’ll see LOTS of players my level and higher. Check it out before making invalid acquisitions!


But your weren’t in P1 when you made this post… :roll_eyes:

Changing the story to suit you again I see…