Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


I most certainly was in Plat1 when I started this post! Get your facts right before you put your foot in your mouth again!


Do you see those players come to forum and complain? NOPE.
Only you come here and complain something that doesn’t matter that much. if you say so, why dont you war those big teams then??
I know how lower leagues look now with lots of high levels sand-bagging and lots of new 300+ appear out of no where.


My team is in Platinum league, to be fank… I seldom see this tactic ever used. You make it seem like it’s a huge issue that teams at our level are challenged with often. It really makes me wonder why you are really pushing this minor inconvenience that’s easily counterable. From the way you are defending it so hard suggests to me that you may lack the necessary skills required to lead your team effectively. A good leader takes challenges, find weaknesses in other teams strategies and development an effective countermeasure. Success of a team depends on this, as well as having a team that is active and able to work together for the greater good of the team.


It’s because he lost his “I win” status with his “big” base…


The i-win status is still there… but it’s linked to the black Amex card :wink:


Wish I had one of those… Then I’d be 300+ too!


Where can I get one of those… lol


@Dakhunter Do you listen to yourself or just spout off? No one in their right mind declares on a team that’s bigger then them. That’s not just poor strategy, it’s stupid!


There you go “foot in mouth again”.


@DrunkenMoose What Plat level are you in? We didn’t see it much until we reached Plat1.


lol. So you should visit us in Diamond and see. Not all the time can you find an easy team there. It’s all about how well you can manage your team.
Look at the post @DrunkenMoose said. he nails it straight to the point

BTW, my alt is lower league and i never saw this issue until you came up here and complained.
So learn how to war i guess


We have no intentions of going it to Diamond with all the bad press. I can appreciate all your troubles there.

All I’m asking for is a honest war and let the chips fall where they may.


I’ve been I’m platinum for the 6 months I’ve been playing and I either haven’t had an opponent do this or haven’t noticed it if they have. Seems like a lot of work tbh. Navigating losing atlas access (if applicable), keeping team event scores, dropping/adding a member, avoiding losing flames in either teams wars etc. Etc. Just seems like too much just to bring in a guy for a day


Unless someone pissed you off…


An other proponent speaks up.

Teams should just stand up for themselves and fight their own wars.


Round and round we go on this merry-go-round:

If someone brings in a ringer to be able to hit your base, rejoice, get the defend points and move on.


No you dont get it.

Mercenaries cant wave. Its single attacks. One one one. Def point point point.

Learn to war


I’m confused as to why Diamond league players feel they have any standing to argue so fiercly in this topic. You aren’t even in a league that is affected by this, so why do you care so much? How do you know it’s not a more widespread issue than it was when you were in Platinum? You all keep talking about defense points, but I have yet to see a war where those have come into play at these lower leagues.

“I had to learn to play around (pick an exploit or issue), so you should have to.”

^quite the ugly stance to take


Well because apparently someone in your Platinum league doesnt seem to have this problem like you do.

Seriously, this has never been a problem before until you guys came here and cried
So please learn how to war effectively and learn how to lead like a man


If your wars don’t go to 250, the ringer has no relevance and this thread can close halleluja