Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


as what I have said before,

if you are able to get 250 flame points and they don’t that is unfair on their side. If you want to be fair, declare on teams that has a level 300+ and rely on defense point to win.

It is easy to go against a ringer since they dont need to be attacked and only their other 49 members. The 50th member provided you the free 5 flame points. If you have 50 members, then your 50 members can attack 49 of them to get 250 flame points. 1 member can skip on that war or participate to hasten on getting that 250 flame points.

If you can’t win against a ringer because they have higher defense points, then that’s your team’s fault.


They can if they have multiple mercenaries.


lol. Are you out of your mind. having like 3-5 merc is like giving you free 15-25 flames. and you can just join the defense just to get def points to the race of 250. SIMPLE AS THAT


What like 49? Come on stop grabbing at straws.

Learn to war better - do waves, never solo runs, never single attacks, dummy runs etc.

Learn not to use warriors at all or sorcerers to lead etc.

The problem isnt ringers, war smarter


multiple mercenary will only give them more disadvantage than advantage.

It will still go with defense point so if you can’t achieve 250 flame points and defend against their 1-5 mercs, then it’s still your team’s fault.

its not like they can go 40 war attacks at the same time with those mercs. Have one of each member to defend 1 merc attack.

proper use of mercs is only 1 and just defeat the highest level possible with that merc. After that, everyone can rely on each other to finish the other base like they normally could.


Evidently you’re not listening @Gox1201. They swap out a player that has already been beaten and also done their attack so they loose NOTHING! Then they can still reach 250.


And obviously you have not been reading. War is a race to 250 with def points. If your team cant reach to 250 with more def points than that, it’s your own fault. Stop throwing the blaming game to other teams. Remember, each merc can only join one person at a time. Have more ppl on to defend them. duh


I guess you are only seeing the flame points and not the defense point.

They can reach 250 flame points, but they can lose if your team DEFENDS against that MERC’S ATTACK.

so if that MERC ATTACK’S 49 times. then you get 49 DEFENSE POINTS. Do they have that same advantage? yes, but if you coordinate with your team and attack at the same time, then you can win even with a merc on their side.


No I got that you aren’t listening.

Waves = attacking with 10 or more players at once.

You can finish war with say 30 defense points.

Their ringer will attack player by player- aka lots of defense points.

If you dont reach 250 points, the ringer is inconsequential. You lost for other reasons

If you both reach 250 both teams, you should easily beat the team with the ringer, because of defense points.


Not if they swap someone out after they’ve been defeated and your player that beat that base CAN NOT attack again @Kenshiki and if the swapped out player already did his war attack that stands also. This means you warring 51 or more.


I don’t even…


I beg your pardon. You cant war with 51 ppl. The extra person doesn’t give extra 5 flames to the opponent. It just to help the other team getting their 5 flames. And your counter is to join in to those attacks and defend. Voila, you have one free defense point.
I guess it’s pointless arguing with a brick


you still don’t get it…

you are still focusing on flame points and not defense points.

The merc needs to finish the battle before it can help another one. If one of your member defends, they can get 1 defense point. They can leave instantly after awhile and prepare for the next attack to be defended.

Is it that hard to understand?

Let’s say you are the ringer on the other team that I have declared upon. I can’t defeat your base, but who cares? You’re a ringer so I don’t need to attack you.

I will advise my team to look out for war attacks and defend to get defense points. If you assisted 49 of the members on that team and we are able to defend that, then we get 49 defense point along with our 250 flame points because I can help the other member to finish the enemy base.

so in the end, it will be 250 - 250 flame points and then 49 defense point on my team and let’s say they were only able to defend 20 times because we did a wave of attack.

We win because we have more defense points.


Guys, arguing with a TV set makes me feel better than arguing with someone who sees wars as attack points over defense points. My 2 cents.


Time for a history lesson and what I am sure will be a revelation for some of you especially @Shadow4Dragons.

Now I’m sure you are all aware by now but PG did not write this code. They bought a game called Dragon Attack Strategy from a company called BitPig.

Here is the important part. BitPig always wanted a scenario where high level players would be both willing and able to “sell” their services to the highest bidder. The game has actually grown beyond where this is truly viable but doing so is not a “cheat” it is not an “exploit” it is an intended part of gameplay.

So for all of you complaining about this “exploit” it is nothing of the sort.

I had hoped this thread would die quietly but since it isn’t here is the truth. Mercenaries were intended to be a thing from the very beginning.


Making a claim that no one can verify doesn’t hold much weight. Can you show us where the previous company stated such?


Well it was on their forums so no it may not exist anymore. I think PG also confirmed it on the old forums.

Have a look,


Well hopefully PG will correct this error.


I did look and couldn’t find anything. However, if you are going to make a claim like that, the onus is on you to prove it anyway.


You are correct. I overlooked that.