Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


Question is will they come back with an answer?


There is no way to know. Jared said it was something to be discussed internally and I don’t think it will help to push him too much. Let this thread die because it’s not helping your case. If you want to remind Jared about your request from time to time, send him a PM.


But but we are just starting to get to the bottom of this! :joy:


If they do, it sure as shit won’t be within a month or two. Post for an update once every 29 days.


That might come to Thread necromancing violation lol.




Honestly, I can’t believe this thread has 467 posts? Rofl…


Edited to soften any hurt feelings. Though I still feel FlashingRed reaped what he sowed with those comments. Don’t threaten to ridicule people if you expect a civil conversation.


This thread has been hilarious. Good for a few laughs at least.


Ok so I’ve read the thread an a lot of the explanations and arguments of why this is morally wrong or whatever blah blah blah… what this all boils down to is this is a war game. it says war in the title. every war ever fought in the world to date both sides cheated or exploited options the other did not know about or neither side would ever win. get over it play the war game as it is a freaking war game. for the record just had this happen to us a few wars ago so you know what we beefed up our big guys and now we’re about to win the same war and they did the same thing. quit crying happy flying.


Reaped what I sowed? :joy::joy::joy::joy: Y’all started calling people stupid and idiots right from the start of this thread but I’m the rude one :joy::joy::joy: Good comic relief right here.

@Shadow4Dragons I didn’t flag your post. Maybe someone else was tired of seeing your rude comments.

I never spoke for anyone else. I stated my opinions and mentioned the majority of responses on this thread agreed with me. Those responses are people who spoke for themselves. You are the only ones who have said “everyone wants this” and things of that nature.

I am glad you don’t seem able to process the sarcasm I see in this thread, it makes it funnier.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :grin:


My comments were not rude. They are my opinion and evidently the opinion of many. I have heard several also say they don’t agree with it but since it doesn’t get fixed they just live with it. Or they say there are other more important things that need to be fixed so don’t even bring it up. This is your illogical opinion. You don’t deny it’s a problem you just think it’s of lower priority then what you want fixed. I never once said it’s of higher priority cause I don’t know about all the other problems. Just don’t tell me it’s not a problem cause you think you have something else more pressing and you’ve created a work around or even worse stared to perpetuate the problem. Get off your high horse and let PG prioritize it. It’s not for you to do.


I felt bad for you at first, I was actually considering the issue quite a bit, and was thinking about different ways we could help. And then you were such a pushy, demeaning, unreasonable blank about it that I remember why I’m in favor of mercenaries.


Gawd… is this topic still up?? Think everything is said here.


Many times over.


You have me confused with someone else. I DO deny it’s a problem. I have stated multiple times that we have dealt with mercenaries being used by other teams but choose not to use them ourselves. That in no way means I have a problem with people using the tactic. In fact, I have no problem whatsoever with them using mercs because it’s not a problem, at all, in my opinion. You have not been listening to me, you keep putting words in my mouth.

To put it bluntly, I think PG needs to focus on things that are actual problems and not made up issues like this topic.


Lets discuss this more, 1k replies or bust!


So how is swapping in highs helpful if they have to be on the team when war was declared, to do a their runs? Confused. I have seen swapping in bigs BEFORE wars are declared, to win wars, not during wars. Many big teams have second farm teams for lows and alts and swap a big in during the second team’s wars, if needed.


I should of wrote “before the second team’s wars”, not during.


I agree because I have seen team do just that. They get their big alt’s or friends and destroy your team