Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


I’m talking about swapping in biggies during wars.


Meh, who cares…if they aint on the team then war that team so much that the new player ends up having to move in…


If u cant win a war bc of 1 person on other team, give up…


Alright just to clarify I understand certain things about the game upset people. You have a right as an individual to feel the way you want to feel about whatever it may be. The thing is this,whatever war tactic a team chooses to use is their right as individuals as well. Unless it’s just legitimate cheating. If a team beats you in war it means that they had a better tactic than you or had more active team members. It’s the same with any strategy game. There’s a little thing called sportsmanship. U keep this thread going because your upset that you lost. Let it go. Move on. The entire time your spending here whining about one loss u could have used to win 100 more wars. Just because they brought in a “ringer” doesn’t mean they brought in a winner. Like previously stated,one guy isn’t going to make all the difference for the outcome of the war. Wars are 24 hours long and I don’t personally see anyone being on for 24 straight hours in a row to do a war. It means if your team lost and they only had one high level member on the opposing team then your team didn’t do all they could,either that or you don’t know any high levels to help you out either. While this isn’t condoned it is one of the many war tactics used in this game. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I’m sorry if this upsets your feelings but someone had to say it. This post has gone on too long and basically all it amounts to is “I lost and I’m mad so now I’m gonna throw a fit”.


Excellent word my friend.

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This thread will keep going on and on and all about whinings of a few individuals


A single ringer can alter a war completely. I have been in a war that we declared and we were mostly even, then they brought in a player that was easily 150 levels over our highest player (don’t remember exact, but he basically doubled our highest. The new player backed over half their runs and wiped out all of our upper, well at least what we considered an upper level.

I really think the difference is who it is happening too. Most of your Diamond and probably sapphire teams, a single player is not going to turn the tide, or even if it does you can recover. But when a upper 300, or 400 level player helps out a team that is all 100 level players. It is devastating.

Make sure you look at this from a low level teams perspective. When your highest player is 150, and the team you thought you were fighting had a highest player of 175. Then all of the sudden you have to deal with 400, there is no way to defend. Every run will be five stars, until all that is left are the easy bases.

The hired gun is game (war) breaking for lower level teams


Ok so in this case, what is the “ringer” sacrificing? If nothing then why would they be considered a ringer and if not nothing then id say thats the price they were willing to pay to help a team they wanted to help…either accept the fact that they won on simply because they had a player willing to sacrifice any benefits they may receive from their main team during this time or do what they did and bring in someone higher. Cant make everyone happy but you can start with yourself and thats all anyone needs to do


I am just suggesting that a single player can completely alter a war. Pick any Diamond team and if they add a level 400 during a war they are having, who cares. The level 400 is probably below the team average.

Take that same level 400 and put them on a team where 150 was the highest level and that is a very big deal. A very active level 400 can alter the war with teams that have players in the low 300s. I just think it is disingenuous to say it’s not a problem just because it wouldn’t affect the team you are currently on.

A war is supposed to be between two teams of upto 50 players. Not 50 players plus one.


I guess you did not read in any of the previous posts that a team that uses a ringer and he backs each player opens a vulnerability for their team. Your team could of capalized by running a few War waves and and potentially get a handful of attacks in undefended, where a single player running players is easy to continue defending. Your team would win by defensive points if both team tie with 250 flames. Since the high level ringer was brought in after war started, his Base does not need to be attacked. If your team wasn’t able to defeat all of your opponents bases then bringing in the ringer wouldn’t change the outcome of the war.


I read it, I just disagree with you. If they replace a player that has already been defeated. There is no loss of flames. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have beat the new base, he replaced a player that was already defeated.

Yes, can you win on defense, it’s possible. But more than likely since ever player on the team with the new player knows not to help on attacks and just needs to defend, it counters the wave attack. And now all the team with the new player has to do is hold one base, get to 51 Defenses, because they know the hired gun is never going to lose a war run. And do you really think a team is going to actually defend (and I mean kill) the new players dragon. The highest base is 150, and they are going to stop a maxed Necryx. The new player will run the table, but actually doesn’t have to. Just defeat the bases that were even questionable, the top 10-15, and the war is over.

Again, if the two teams were basically equal the chance for team A (with the new player) defending just one base, is much higher than team B that won’t be able to stop team A with their new player. Diamond and probably Sapphire one teams probably don’t think this is a problem, because for them, this wouldn’t be a problem. There is no level that is going to come in and just dominate the fight. But for a lower level or new team, the new player that was not on the team when War was declared, its basically a loss.


the ringer only needs to help in attacking. If that player also defends for 24 hours then I have no words to say to his/her dedication in helping the team.

Still, they won’t bring any ringer if the other team doesn’t have a level 300+ player. To be honest, no one would bring in a ringer if the level between both sides are near each other.


Firstly, but because someone is in Diamond or Sapphire doesn’t mean someone won’t get it. Remember that everyone “up there” was also “down there” before too. To share my own perspective: my two main accounts are on a diamond team, which I have been leading for 2.5 years, and my alt account is on a Gold 1 team.

From what I’ve noticed, having a full team where everyone hits is step #1. A ringer won’t change this for my alt’s league and below. If you have 50 members and everyone attacks, you’ll likely win the war unless there is an outlier (new team moving up, a gold team with a high level that doesn’t have a bad base, etc).

Once you achieve 50 hits, that’s when you have to start narrowing your focus. Tell everyone they must ask for backup in TC before they fly. Maybe they won’t get it depending on timezones, but they have to at least ask. Then tell everyone on your team that they have to make their war hit within the first X hours of war AND they have to ask for backup in TC before they can fly.

You also need to focus on bases. High level means absolutely nothing if the base is terrible - we have this in my alt’s Gold Leagu and the bases are laughable. Make sure your teammates have short, defendable bases. I send out “daily base tips” to my alt’s team to help and also audit their bases. Here are my SUPER basic tips for bases that can be a good starting point:

Once you take the steps to narrow your focus for attacks AND have defendable bases, encourage active defending of all bases. The ringer won’t be there for the whole war usually.

Keep narrowing the focus! I realize that a ringer means the other team can potentially get 250 flames on your bases and maybe you weren’t planning on that. Whatever. Just focus on your own team and make improvements there. If that other team keeps bringing in a ringer just let them move up a league and declare wars to counter it.

At the end of the day, I’m not trying to belittle your experience, @LordPhobos . I understand, I get it. Use the experience to better your team. Then, if you are having an issue where a team is being a bag of dicks and harassing your team, you can make some friends and bring in your own ringer if you want.


I take no offense. I just disagree that it is not a problem. It has happened to teams I have been on, and it is what it is. We have lost regardless of it and won wars in spite of it, and will continue to fight the good fight.

However, I also believe that if the top two teams had a war, and one of them pulled in a level 1000 with maxed out quadruple diamond dragons that could solo every base, they would think this is an exploit as well not a “viable” tactic. The fact no hired gun will make a difference in their wars doesn’t mean that it isn’t game breaking for low level teams.

Base design is irrelevant if the new player is so high that it doesn’t matter. Hired guns are not the biggest problem in the game, I just feel they are a problem. I have said my two cents, and with no disrepect intended, I will never convince others that it’s an exploit (nice word for cheat), and you will not convince me that it isn’t.

P.S. thanks for the info on bases though.


@LordPhobos it’s pointless to argue with these others that claim it’s defendable or low priority cause they either use this tactic or are so high level and out of touch with the reality of our situation in lower levels. They accuse me IV being a level 300+ bully and in Plat when they’re not even looking before speaking. There are several higher level players down here for one reason or another and not all are dishonest. It’s a problem that is spreading and these others will say “then get a merc of your own”. Well I say NO! I refuse to stoop down to their level. I recommend you make your opinions known to @PGJared.


Ummm, level 166 in Gold League ya know. Just because we disagree with you doesn’t mean we are all crazy out of touch.


It is unfortunate when you feel strongly about something as you do and not have others all jump to agree with you. Why not try to learn from the people disagreeing with you that have offered insight as to ways to defend against it?

Think of all the time wasted in this thread rather than trying to work towards a solution (a solution that doesn’t include complaining to PG/players). My team is in Platinum 4 and I couldn’t imagine getting this worked up about a “merc” if I saw one (and I take war probably more seriously than anyone on my team, or at least get the most angry regarding non-participation and what not when that is an issue).

I agree with you that there are 300+ in Platinum, have a level 302 on my team. I just can’t understand this being such a big deal. Honestly it sounds like you just aren’t happy with your own base being taken down when you were expecting it not to be. Does your team get 250 flames every single war? If not, that’s what I’d be addressing first and foremost if I were you.

Not trying to be rude by any means, this was genuinely meant to be helpful. :v:


Agree 100% with @LordPhobos here. Very well explained.


@CheekyGrinch as I mentioned. I was simply offering my two cents. I disagree with people that don’t think it a problem, but I also understand that know one is going to change their mind because I made a post about it. But I also disagree that it is defendable.

As far as defending it, our highest player is 150 and they brought a 350+ something. There simply is no defense against that gap. He backed over a dozen runs and took out all of our upper levels (125-150) with ease. We still got 250 flames, but so did they. Unfortunately it took a couple of tries to get their 170ish. So they beat us on defense. We had upper 40 Defenses (but not 50), we missed two or three runs. I do remember the difference was 5, and i think they had over 50. I was on several of the defenses against his Noctua—-it was pointless. He could have beat all of bases in one run even if there were lined up in one super long run. There was just no way for us to get over 50 Defenses, at best we were going to get 50 because we were never going to stop him

This is one of those things you are probably okay with or not. For me, I simply just don’t like it, I will always feel like it is a cheat.


So it sounds like you think that defense points come from stopping a run. It doesn’t:

Knowing now that defense points are gained simply by showing up, now you’ll understand what cheeky and most of the rest of us have been trying to convey: you get (essentially) free defense points if the ringer goes ahead and backs 12 people one after the other.
Now this has been a long thread, but there has been some great advise near the beginning of the thread:

That shows how to combat the ringers.


I know exactly how defense points work and yes I know we get them for just showing up. That’s literally the opposite of what I wrote.