Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


I was going to say the same as Lutrus. You said defending was pointless. He showed its not pointless and the reason you defend is to gain that defense point.

If your team ran waves (multiple attackers on different targets at the same time) then they couldn’t defend them all and would miss out on points.(They would have less than 50 defense points) The Merc backs them one at a time so you can get a point for every run. In this way you get more defense points and win a 250-250 war. Simple tactic that negates the usefulness of the Merc.


We did, and we only lost by a couple defenses. The difference was it took a couple tries to get their big base (170 ish), and all of our upper bases were annihilated. The best we could ever do is get 50 Defenses, they will never have that limitation. During our waves a couple didn’t get five flames and we had to redo those attacks, and that big base took a couple tries.

My point was that they will never have to redo a run. Their lowest levels would attack our highest levels and would just swap out and let Noctua do the rest. Their hired gun completely alters the balance of power, which is the entire point of the leagues. The reason my team is not in Diamond is because we cannot compete against Diamond players. The problem with the hired gun is they brought Diamond to us.

I also reread my previous response and I apologize if it came off as rude.


You addressed me when my post was a reply to shadow, so some of it does not apply to you.

Here’s what I’m saying. It sucks that you’re having it happen, but it’s an opportunity to make your team soooo much better in war. If your team gets 250 flames each war, you’re in a great spot to be learning war strategy not just for a merc but overall.

I know that must suck ass to have your highest level being 150 and have a 350 with Noc come marching on in, don’t get me wrong I’m not sweeping what you’re saying under the proverbial rug. If your team gets 250 flames per war I’m assuming they are very dedicated to war. I think this is a great opportunity for your team to learn from the people offering advice here that will help your wars for the long haul. Honestly I envy you in a way, I’d love for my problem with war to be a merc and not having a person or two or three or four or five always end up not participating


Looks we responded at the same time. Again, did not mean for my response to be rude.


Didn’t take it as rude, no worries, was a response to the one a little ways up where you @CheekyGrinch me. Nothing of what I’m saying is meant to be rude, either, fwiw.


Topic is beat to death. No one is going to switch sides on this. People that get beat by teams that use a hired gun will probably always hate it, and the teams that use them or are immune to them will probably never see the problem with it.


I’m in the grey area then. I don’t see why anyone would love losing a war to a hired gun. And my team neither uses them or is immune to them :man_shrugging:. But if you don’t care to use it as an opportunity to improve your war strategy that is up to you. Maybe this thread can be closed now as it is just wasting everyone’s time. Happy flying.


Sorry but I don’t agree with that reasoning. People who hack the best dragons and bases are just giving you an opportunity to improve your strategy, it doesn’t mean it should be allowed to go on.


Come on, man. Not the same thing whatsoever.

Edit: Also it’s not “reasoning.” I’m not saying mercs are brought in to help you improve your strategy. I’m suggesting something for your team to do in order to make the most of it rather than sit on this thread complaining rather than bothering to develop strategy that will help your team in all wars not just vs. a merc.


Instead of complaining when you see hacked accounts, just practice against them and use it as an opportunity to improve your playing ability.


Have a good night man, lol. Wow.


I read some of the suggestions, they are worth a shot. I don’t think it is nearly as easy they are alluding.
In a war between truly equal opponents that are both going to get 250 flames, even using waves, more than likely you are going to have to redo some hits. Whether attacker messed up, or a defender picked the right attack in the wave to defend—whatever. The difference with a team that pulls in a player that truly just out guns everybody on the other team, they will never have to redo a war.

The absolute best you can get will be 50 Defenses, if you catch them all. The other team doesn’t have that limitation.


Just BTW, you can 100% get more than 50 defense points in a war. Just saying


Just trying to put it in perspective for you. A problem is identified, and the solution is to find a way to think of it as a positive. That’s not a good solution if there is a way to actually solve it.

These are lower league teams having this issue. As far as I’m aware, wars down here are declared by finding teams that can’t beat your top base/s. These are more casual players who don’t attack in waves and don’t play with the activity for the defensive wars some of you are speaking of.

So your team of 100’s with a lvl 300 declare war against a team of 100’s. Someone on the other team 5 flames a base, leaves, a ringer comes in and 5 flames the lvl 300. Now it’s a 250 vs. 250 war and your sporadically active team really doesn’t have this huge advantage that is being pushed in this thread.

Sorry, I just don’t get it. I tried to stop posting in this @#$& thread but it just won’t die.


I understand some of the strategies that are being taught in this thread are very valuable, but you are asking a gold or platinum team to suddenly play like a sapphire or diamond team when an exploit is used against them.

This is all great information for when a Platinum team is ready to move up to Sapphire, which probably takes upping team organization and shedding dead weight…none of which can happen in the span of a war.


Ok then you lose those wars until PG changes what you are and are not allowed to do. Comparing it to hacking is just :man_facepalming: if you have no interest in your team becoming better in wars then who even cares? You have the option to work to do better, or do nothing, and it seems “do nothing except complain” is the chosen option. If PG decides to outlaw this, cool! I don’t care one way or the other. You’re mistaking me for someone who gives a shit about mercs. I was only trying to offer suggestions so instead of sitting in this thread for the past month crying you might actually make an attempt to improve your war strategy. Surprised you’re in gold still getting 250 flames every war.

Sorry this is frustrating now to me because I genuinely tried to help you and instead more crying and whining and ignoring even the slightest thought of actually getting better at war and wanting your cake-walks back. Sorry you guys are being targeted so heavily by merc-friendly teams. Guess you’ll have to lose every war no other choice apparently :man_shrugging:

@ModMat this can be closed now por favor


Yes I know you can normally get more 50 defense points. Again, my point was that my team with its biggest base being 150, having to deal with a high level Noctua, we were never going to stop him. If we caught every run (which is unlikely), we could get 50 Defenses. Since they brought in such a level player, we were never going to stop him so they would have to redo a run.


TBH it was a compliment to your team. They didn’t need a ringer as they had the 170. You guys must have fought well that they thought they needed help. :+1::man_shrugging:


I like that thought @Grumpybigbird. The shame was I really think it would have been a good/fun war. We might have won or lost, but it would have been close.

I guess, I just want it to be fun.


If is happening to you so frequently I have a feeling this thread isn’t helping you as teams might just wanna be pissing you guys off at this point to just watch the complaining. I’m in platinum and my team has many members above lvl 170 so not sure why this isn’t an issue for more teams. If it’s happening that frequently my guess is you’re being targeted and it’s not just dumb luck you happen to fight a team with a merc every night.