Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


It is possible to 5 flame a top base if undefended and attackers using a proper combination with strategy for id say at least saphire but there are circumstances where even lower in tier. It is about coordination, main objecrive being to reach 250 flames. Team that reaches 250 flames in less dp and essentially in tries, wins.

Not that impressive to me, tbh. I have no life though.(on participation)


I am in Plat II, it is very competitive. We will replace an individual that missed a War, most teams we have faced generally do get 250 flames and then it comes down to defensive points. Your explanation about teams lack of participation doesn’t make how a ringer would effect much. If they don’t get 250 flames even with a ringer… still about which team is more active. If the team that uses a ringer against a team that doesn’t have everyone attack, then it’s still about participation and the other team would probably of lost anyways.


I won’t get into how a ringer does or doesn’t make a difference. I think 500+ posts have indicated strong difference in opinion about it. I just said I could see how bringing one in could be upsetting. I agree it’s more about the participation.

Thanks for the insight on the participation in Platinum II! It’s good information. :blush: It looks like my team has a long road ahead of us.


Was trying to help you man, sorry you’re so set in not listening to anybody that doesn’t think the world is ending :man_shrugging: good luck to you.


Ok ok ok ok guys. Enough is enough. What really matters is who needs me to crush your enemies for you?


What matters will be, how much they will offer you :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we hire you for our next war? Back me up and ill swap like a champ :slight_smile:


The point of a war is to see if oneteam is stronger than another bringing in mercs completely nulifies this so no point in wars so 50 vs 50 no substitutes this is not a football game no injuries appart from some insecure peoples pride


Really? I thought it was to see if one team has better strategy than the other?

Otherwise you could simply sum the player levels and declare a winner? no need to fight?


If a team has better strategy then they wont need a merc :man_shrugging:t2:


Maybe the better strat is the merc?


Jesus it’s not cheating & the higher up in rankings you go the more stupid it is. The higher player can follow every single player on your team, but that’s also going to give away a lot of defense points. If the other team is smart you can still 250 them but they will beat you in defense points. Having a player come to help isn’t always advantageous.


You say free defense points. That is not always the cas we fought a war where they brought in a ringer and used airplane mode so we couldnt even get in to defend. No surprise we lost by defenses. Players brought in after the war has been declared should not be allowed to fly backup on war runs. @PGJared


Two separate issues. Airplane is airplane mode whether there is a merc or no.


But if they are using airplane mode, wouldn’t it be impossible for anyone else to be in that run too? And since mercs would be unable to launch a war attack of their own, isn’t this is a moot point?


Yes anyone could but the players originally on the team couldnt take our biggest base so without the ringer them flying in AP mode wouldnt have mattered. The most they could get without the ringer was two flames, with the ringer they five flamed all our big bases with no defenses for our team.


For the record I’m not pro-merc. I’m pro-trying to make the most of it. What league are you in?


But the ringer can’t LAUNCH a war run on his own. That means he’d have to follow someone else THEN activate the airplane mode. But at that point, you’d be able to get a defense point anyway since you could have been in the defence during the first part of the run.

Edit: Not that I acutally know how airplane mode works. It’s not really a thing in my lowly plat team lol. I’m just going off my understanding based on what I’ve read on the forums about it.


We were Saph 2 When it happened now plat 1. Four people left int the middle of the night and left us open to many many wars.


We tried to join every defense my wife stayed on the game for 12 hours attempting to join every defense and she only got into 6