Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


Im out like a fat kid in dodgeball, its going on 1:20am and I have to work in the morning. Nice talking to all of you.


Night man glad to talk to someone in this thread that has an open mind :+1:


It is funny that many of us have come on here to help players with this situation. We have not said that we supported or condoned mercs. Unfortunately it may be awhile before a remedy may be made for this issue. Instead of taking our help and trying it out in game and responding with the outcome from it, you have continued to backlash at us. This is where we kept getting frustrated. You can take action, try to make the best of things and take on challenges until it does get change. But please stop crying on here like we are totally against you and making like we use and condone this type of behavior.


That’s not how AP mode works. No one can join an AP mode run. No defenders, no backup, period. If they flew with backup than it Was Not AP mode. Simply not possible


This. All of this. Saved me from typing it out.


That’s not what he is saying. Since the rest of the team that didn’t need a merc follow were using AP mode, his team still wasn’t able to get many defense points.

If the merc wasn’t used, they wouldnt have been able to beat his teams top couple of bases (why his team chose that opponent), it never would have come down to a dirty AP mode win.


@CheekyGrinch They Used a decoy. While you were defending they launched another attack.


I don’t mind ringers , especially when there are 300+ lvl players sitting in lower leagues declaring on small teams that aren’t even top 5 in league, when their team is #1


@CheekyGrinch That’s your opinion. The purpose of this thread is to show PG how wide spread the problem is. If you don’t like this thread then “unfollow “ it and move on.


Nah, was 15-20 min later. Was no waves coming or anything. Just 15-20 of peace and quiet then my screen shook and I’d been beat, guess I should have clarified that in my post. I’m not complaining I don’t even remember why that got brought up.


That’s the spirit bud :+1::+1:


Is this really a wide spread problem? Funny… sitting in Platinum as well, and I can’t even remember how long ago a team has tried this poor strategy on our team. Since you created this thread, how many times has your team seen this? If you have, which is probably unlikely, have you tried any of the counters players suggested? I have not seen you post anything in detail about outcomes of trying these methods. I’m not saying that a team that uses a Merc will guarantee a win on the opposing team, I still think the more active and strategic team will have the advantage. Having a team that can continually obtain 250 flames and active enough that at no matter what time it is… you have players on game able to defend. If your team has weakness, there are many teams out there that will take advantage of it. As a leader, this is where you need to adapt and make the necessary changes to overcome these situations.

Don’t get me wrong, coming on here and addressing this issue is good and seeing if PG can implement changes that can close this or take away some of its advantage is a positive thing. It is also important to understand how these changes can effect others as well. Making an option to reask if a player wants to join a new team, when they accidentally click the join button while checking out a team roster was a good point brought up. I think this thread had potential to be very constructive if you weren’t so defensive and demanding for quick action. I’m hoping that you learned a lot from creating this post and some of the pitfalls you made in addressing others that were trying to help you that you can make other suggestions in the future that won’t spiral into a merry-go-round.


Yes you did show how wide spread it is - which is not very much at all!! Job well done I say! Great work chap! :rofl:


This topic reminds me a lot of pre war waves. Both allowed by the game. Both with some people who hated it and complained when they got the raw end of the deal. Both with most people not having much of a problem with it.
Pre wars ended up being a mechanic that, though allowed, wasnt really the way PG thought wars should operate and were eventually taken away. Will this have the same fate and for the same reasons? I think it will, but depending on how hard a “fix” is to implement, it could take a while. Not to mention that there are much bigger issues at hand, especially in the past week or so.


@DrunkenMoose Yes I learned a lot and we’re trying to implement some of the suggestions but I still feel it’s wrong and every day more players speak out here in agreement. I’m not saying it’s a top priority but others are discounting it and say it’s couterable so it should be dropped. Nothing is farther from the truth! Several here are facing this constantly and I myself still see it happening. I run an alliance of 20 teams and we have a sister alliance of another 20 teams. I will never ask for someone else to fight my battles! Several of our members have had this pulled against them and it’s poor form! We do our best and this thread is here for other to speak out (both for and against) so PG can have more options as how the community feels.


And here I hoped this thread would go away after banning day. Oh well wish some more.

I agree there are more players speaking up! Think we up to 5 now from about 30k or More.

Keep going, 50% agreement is on the horizon


I see the topic but it does not register that this is still ongoing lol whats the expression, beating a dead horse? I think im becoming pro merc :smiling_imp:


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To all that are bothered by this chat still going, unfollow the chat and you’ll no longer be bothered.:thinking:

But don’t chastise those who still wish to discuss.