Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


So not only is 1 temporary player a problem to win wars but so is my “banter”…ill take notes.

I just think this post is nothin but whining, thats all.


Can anyone summarize the 600+ posts?

I am mostly against mercs, but I also see them as necessary as an anti-griefing system. In an ideal world, a ringer could be brought in on a team that was declared on, but not on a team that declared.

That being said I don’t see it as very realistic to stop mercs as any method I know of punishes other people in the process for a rarely used tactic.

To stop mercs necessarily means either

  1. Folks not listed at the time of declare can’t act as backup which would be a major undertaking which probably opens up much worse abuse of the game than mercs
  2. Leaving a team during a war would have to cost the team they lost flames even if they already did their War, and returning would not allow them to do their war. This would likely cost teams who had players accidentally quit, kicked for inactivity or otherwise left the team that could have talked the player into coming back form 5 min to do their War

I’m not asking the thread to stop, but those who keep going on, what would you like to see change?

I’ve had it done on my team maybe 10 times in the year I’ve played war dragons. It seems to usually happen when a diamond players alt is losing and they have their main easily able to come in. Honestly I think the need to fix this problem would almost completely shrivel up if we made the diamond tier rewarding and fun enough that some didn’t find it more fun to start over on a second device.

As far as I’m concerned there will always be another way to exploit or get around this. I also think if you have trouble with a team doing this repeatedly, it probably means you are fighting the same teams over and over. There may be a way the community can help stop this for a particular repeat offender.


Discuss? That happened 300 posts ago, actually closer to 550 posts ago. It’s just whining now. Actually it was kinda always just whining…


also i agree with this topic. if someone comes late to a war they should be invalid to participate in it. just my opionion. thiers already enough corner higher level players can cut like this one. why leave yet another. the lower leagues are already flooded with them. having one come mid war and then leave when they arent part of the team is lameee.

@Shadow4Dragons are you talking about just leveling up your dragons? and what does that have to do with leveling up buildings. you do buildings in buliding event. leveling dragons in feeding or am i not understanding something thanks. im lvl 53/ second season/ plat 4 now was in plat 2. also i have a ton of stuff in storage too had to pull back to only 2 islands. wish i did that sooner.


This is why you lost that war, not because of your “Mercenary Ringer” .
You attacked 1 base admittedly 40+ times until you got it.
My question for you is this… if you admit to attacking 40+ times, how are there only 42 dragons killed, when I know for sure there were 5 dragons in atleast 3 of those attacks that got dropped. Does this mean you also used green flags to decoy? :thinking:


@Nobody Who are you talking to and what do decoy attacks have to do with using Mercs?


@EidolonRM Yes this is a post against allowing the use of mercenaries. The same code in game that doesn’t allow players not present at the time of declaration can also be used to not allow them to join attacks either. Simple programming logic. They already check when you start an attack now they simply need to run the same check code on those who join. If the joiner is not one of the original players give them an error message like the one saying the battleroom is full. It could say “You are unable to participate at this time”. @PGJared

As to your statements about leveling dragons or buildings I don’t understand the question.


Talking to you and your team. And it wasn’t a mercenary, it was a team member returning from vacation. We had 4 days with wars and finally brought him back. He is still with us if you wish to try again.

And decoys have everything to do with your original complaints in LC. You complained about us supposedly doing it, but turns out you did that exact thing.

That being said, instead of whining in the forums, use strategy and maybe you will win the wars that you declare because you have 2 bigs to carry your team.
You are mad because we not only beat the big bases but we also stopped them from getting us.


This is gold :eyes::popcorn:


If i was a PG employee id respond by telling you how much sense it would make for me to do more work when you could just follow the excellent advice given to you already, many times, and prevail? You cant tell me that if more of your members were online to wave, that they would have more dp than your team which hypothetically has 50, assuming that flyers can at least take a base undefended. Which is VERY easy btw.


I may be responding to the wrong person, if I am I apologize. But I was told the team we did war with complained in this thread about our “tactics” and they are who I want to see my comments :joy:. We had 108 defenses to their 53, which is exactly why we won.


Lol would further prove that this post is simply whining because of ignorance on more efficient war tactics or that their ranking is inflated by warring multiple weaker teams(over and over)…bullying in fact, which if were the case id say was worse than any merc.


Agreed. The team that I am speaking to knows who they are. We may look weaker than most teams because we lack anyone over lvl300. But we are smart and can take large bases with strategy.


He whined about decoys? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


A well build low 200s base can take down any obsidians. Case in point @Coach

And a mid-200s good flyer should be able to take a 300+ base. The issue then is teamwork to get it clear air or minimal defender. Teamwork is key. Not some issue with ringers or decoy runs or whatever tactic the OP didn’t see coming :man_shrugging:


Yes they whined about bringing a team member back during war and decoys. If they want to try again we will take the points and move up to sapphire. :man_shrugging: We love war, win or lose, we learn and grow as a team!


@Nobody You have me mistaken for someone else. I rarely talk in LC nor would I complain about decoy attacks. There’s nothing wrong with them. Get your facts straight.

PS - We’ve never been in Sapphire. You’ve got the wrong team.


My guess is you are assuming they can simply “copy and paste” the code with minimal changes. However, that is entirely unrealistic. “Simple” coding can actually be monumental, and this would be absolutely difficult to do and implement.

Not to mention the amount of bugs this could and likely would present.


Didn’t the pan hammer get rid of this problem?


I apologize, I didn’t mean to single you out, I’m new to the forums so sstill getting used to this. The call out was directed toward some people that were whining very recently and accusing us of “cheating” to win.