Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


@BeaWilde I’m a programmer and it’s not rocket science.


PG needs to recruit you to their team…lol. You must think the coders who work on this game are a bunch of clowns since whenerever they make small changes within the game dozen more bugs and glitches pop up. If it was as easy as you said we would hardly ever have unintended consequences to things that they fix.


Did you read unmaintainable code essay too? :joy:


I’m mostly biting my lip on the “I’m a programmer so I know” posts.

So what I really want to know is how much of the 600 posts that I didn’t read were squabbling between 2 teams over one single incident?


Well, some can’t take it like a man and keep whining despite so many feedbacks from others 🤷


@EidolonRM Absolutely none.


@Dakhunter Just cause you give me feedback doesn’t mean a darn thing. I didn’t ask for anything from you. I’m voicing my opinion where PG can see that I and others are bothered by this. You may voice your opinion also but don’t say I’m whining cause I’m speaking out. This is our avenue to PG and righting a gross inadequacy in the game of using mercs during wars.


The amount of hyperbole is too darn high…


Time for the weekly bump on this?..


This topic is very pointless, this should be the least of pgs worries there are many other topics to focus on


And I wonder why red hasn’t closed this yet. Seriously 633 posts and nothing was said. In all the history of dumb posts this one takes the cake. Can we please just close this already? Ps if u don’t like the game don’t play it.


Nah. Leave this on for our entertainment. What else would I do after I quit but to go here and read this funny thread?


I hope they leave it open. The cyclical nature of this discussion has become a constant in my life, as reassuringly predictable as night and day or the phases of the moon.

Perhaps PG could even use this thread to solve the oft-raised problem of how to start wars fairly for different timezones. All wars will start when a new contributor joins the discussion not quite understanding the mechanics of how teams using mercenaries can still get 250 flames. They end when someone becomes so exasperated with the whole conversation that they swear they’ll give up trying to make useful suggestions. Night follows day follows night. It’s possibly the only way we’ll get anything useful from this conversation.

Or we could just close it, I guess.


Instead of quitting just become a Merc… just to watch people cry when you get brought in lol


Maybe that’s a good idea :joy::rofl:. Taunt those big players that sandbag down in lower league diamond flying skill :metal::man_singer::metal:


Just offer your services free of charge to anyone who is at war with Shadow4dragons team… :joy:


Tragic. This is serious you guys…what can we do other than demand pg put up the bumpers on all lanes?


@Kingdread13 PS - If you don’t like this thread don’t follow it.


If the ringer was used for many of the attacks, then it looks like this might be the reason you weren’t able to see defense banners:


…so if your enemy only uses the ringer for one or two attacks, then it only gives your team 1 or 2 more chances at defense points. Then there is the possibility of the rest of your enemy team using Airplane mode, fun.

Or if your enemy uses the ringer for all of their attacks, they can just swap out quickly before a defending banner appears for your team.

Airplane mode and this swap out glitch (if confirmed) are bigger problems to this whole mess than Mercenaries. I think it is all wonderful though.