Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


I’m in the same boat as Obfirmo on this one, I have wasted my time and read all 644 posts and it seems that the only type of support people can give to keeping the status quo is “you should win with more defense points if a ringer is brought.” What if the ringer is not needed to defeat but maybe one, two or three bases. And perhaps he helps defeat these bases during waves where maybe out of all the 3 that he helps with, you only gain say, one extra defense point. I think taking the roster at the start of war and only letting those people. Who were there at the start of war contribute to the attacks that gain flames fixes the issue. How would it negatively impact anyone to change this??


That being said, this ones for NotOwl!


If you read all the posts you’d also see that people are trying to help your situation. And that some of us aren’t condoning this “controversial mercenary war tactic” or whatever, but if you want to just do nothing to try to fight it other than posting in this thread, that’s fine. I think all that needs to be said has been said (long ago).


@CheekyGrinch How else can we fight the unethical use of mercenaries? I was told this was the only avenue. Any suggestions you have are welcome.


Make friends and counter them…


@iDREAMiKILLERi Two wrongs don’t make a right. I won’t stoop to that level.


Round and round… this merry-go-round continues to spin

So who is wrong… the team that brings in a high level player to overcome a 300 lvl player sitting in Platinum or the team with the 300 lvl player declaring on teams they believe are guaranteed War wins?

Round and round we go…


Then Enjoy loosing.


This thread is so terrible.

Preaching right and wrong. Why is it okay to ignore one thing and not another. Why is one persons interpretation wrong and another’s right?

  • Mercenaries. Are they wrong? No!
  • Are they good for the game? No!
  • Is it a prevelant issue affecting lots of people in the game? No!
  • Are there downsides to using a Mercenary? Yes
  • Are they worse than pre-war attacks? It happens less but it’s a super gray area. Personally i find the pre-War attacks less honerable than mercenaries.
  • Are they worse than declaring on lesser teams for a guaranteed win? Probably not. (And everyone does that)
  • Is sandbagging worse than mercenaries? Probably.
  • is it an okay strategy to combat very large players in realms where players that big normally don’t exist? I think so. If the answer is no then we aren’t collectively sandbagging or seal clubbing sufficiently.
  • Will PG change this ever? Nope
  • Does PG mention it in their FAQ? I think they do
  • Does this thead matter? Not even a little

So far all I’ve seen are people throwing around opinions like they were law. I thought I would share my opinion and as fast as you dismiss it, realize the majority of the players have also dismissed any argument (squabbling really) about stopping mercenaries you have.

Keeping a thread open won’t cause any action anymore than attending a protest. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself, but saying you are willing to be virtually present on a regular basis has no real impact.

If you want mercenaries fixed you need to improve your argument beyond saying it’s bad. Prove how bad it is and show that it affects enough people that it merits being worked on. (I’m pretty sure it doesn’t though. And Your time might be better spnent on asking for pg to address the very large players at very low leagues, or the disincentive to be competitive. )


Solid response from a high level guy in lower league (no offense).
Imo, if you have the balls to declare smaller teams that don’t have lv300s for easy win, you should just suck it up when they bring in mercenaries to fight your team instead of trying to waste PG and everyone’s time on this “so call” issue :man_shrugging:


@Dakhunter Open your eyes and go take a look around before you speak. There are high levels all around in all levels. You live in your own little world and don’t get out much evidently. 300s and 400s are becoming more abundant in lower levels probably due to teams restructuring. So get off you pedestal and go look before putting your foot any farther in your mouth.


But do they go here and whine like you? I don’t think so :man_shrugging:
And obviously I’m aware of these bases since I hit those daily :man_shrugging:. But this is another issue regarding sandbagging which is not related to this topic


Who is this aimed at? I’m not in a low league unless Sapphire 2 is considered low to you…

I actually think sandbagging is related to this topic which is why I brought it up. I personally find the game doesn’t encourage competiton.

My entire experience with the game has been at all levels the rewards have never been high enough to risk or try hard for. Rewards seem to get better as you get close to the top, but even st the top it’s a far cry from incentivizing risk. Also token payout is essentially setup in a way that either encourages frequent wars with the smallest teams or encourages you to never declare wars and hope someone declares on you.

It’s terrible. You can declare on the first place team and if you win it won’t negate a loss to the second place team. It won’t negate 2 losses. If you declare on the last place team you still get enough tokens and tram points to make it worth doing and it doesn’t really matter anyways because 1 point will fix a 10-way tie which is super common. And you don’t have to risk egg tokens.

Lower players complain about a lot of aspects that they don’t understand and want the game adjusted for their world. I see both big and littl
Players demanding change for their tiny perspective which often will negatively impact the larger player base.

In the last year I’ve played on various devices at various levels of the game with and without spending and I think I have a pretty even tempered idea of how the game works. I have had more issues with mercenaries as a large player in sapphire than I did as a small or medium player in say gold. But it happens so rarely and it doesn’t really matter. You are arguing principal here. Unless it has become more prevalent…

Now since cheaters were banned I don’t know what has changed but I did notice a lot new accounts upsetting the balance of the lower leagues. Often with one larger than they should be possible player. I suspect a lot of cheaters are creating new accounts and rising through the ranks again.


Sapphire 2 is not considered low IMO. And I didn’t target you here :wink:


I’m in Plat… I’m a sandbagger I guess :joy:


You are and you stole my team mate Volt. :wink:

Tell the rat bastard sparky says “hi” :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont know who Volt is lol


my bust, he went to itsJustJoe’s team. sorry :blush:


I did read them all, and yes, I do realize there are people in a lot of different camps on this topic; however, my question was how will changing this negatively impact people? If it is going to negatively impact anyone, I would like to know why.


Don’t recall anyone saying it would, but I’m not rereading everything.