Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


When people sandbag like lvl 300s in gold or platinum and pick on teams smaller then them(highest lvl 180)…

When this happens to my mini team I’m most defenitly going to bring my main down


@iDREAMiKILLERi This is the mentality that causes the problem. If for example your main gets fed up and decides to leave his team and make his own new team, where does the game make you start. You guessed it, Bronze! So now you start warring your way up while recruiting your new team. And now by your logic you’re a “sand bagger”. So the moral of the story is if you assume you make an … (you know the rest).


@Dakhunter It’s not whining, it’s making PG aware of a game exploitation that should be fixed. Just as you have the right to you opinion so do we. I wasn’t even complaining about the players here that are higher level then me. Just asking for a fair and honest war. No bait and switch.


@SnipeHunter You’re exactly right! Fixing this game exploit only hurts those that use mercenaries. All their talk is inconsiquencial to the crux of the problem. The ethical game play isn’t hurt by fixing this.


@SnipeHunter interesting question who does it hurt. It hurts teams that aren’t lucky enough to have an oversized player on their team. It takes away any defense they might have if getting pushed around by those teams. In short it can destroy any competitive nature of a league and stop teams from growing as they decide why bother.

This is worst case scenario but I chose worst case to better illustrate my point no because I believe it to be the most likely outcome.

@Shadow4Dragons there is an obvious difference between a team trying to climb leagues and a team that is camping where it is only working to maintain their position.

I don’t think either of you are likely to change your minds about this so I’m just answering your direct questions.


This. When I hear about alt’s of my members who are getting war farmed and picked on, I’ll do something about it. This isn’t one war, it’s not just a week of wars, it’s them getting declared on every single day and then harassed in LC while the other team loses wars to others to stay in that league.

Is this a small percentage of the time? Yes. Is it worth keeping the mechanics? Yes.

Find some other way to deal with ringers coming down. This is my opinion just as it is the opinion of others that this is an “exploit”.


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Regardless of the strength of their dragons, the war will end when your team reaches 250 flames as they will be showing one less player. I consider it a gift if the opposing team swaps out a player after war is declared, they are basically handing over the win!!

Just make sure that all of YOUR team’s memembers get their attack in and you will be fine, regardless of their firepower!!


not if the person they swap out has already done their war hit…


Then it boils down to def points :joy:. Having one big guy backing on the big bases will be like super easy to def since he can only go one by one. And you don’t even need to successfully defend the base. Just the presence is good for def point


This horse is dead. It’s been dead. Let it rest in piece.


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Perhaps gold yes, but I would not say that lvl 300s are uncommon in platinum these days. I am in a Plat 2 league and there are 15 level 300+ players. Perhaps 400 is the new 300 though? From other posts I have read some of these players just do not like Atlas and have decided to move back down so they don’t have to be a part of it.


they can Ignore Atlas when in a higher league… I miss Atlas.


I understand that this is a problem. Would it not be easier to drop down for a week and then move back up into another league without this annoying team in it at all? If the team is war farming you week after week it seems like an easier fix to just move away from them than keep shifting accounts back and forth.