Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


@Aracroft I don’t declare against the same team more than once in a week. I have however had as recently as last week had a team declare on us back to back which ended up biting them in the ass. We’re just trying to strengthen to move up to Sapphire. We’re in the middle of the pack in events. We want our jump up to be successful!


@SnipeHunter Exactly! These others are out of touch with reality. We have LOTS of 300+ players and even 400+ players I Plat. Whether they’re rebuilding and on their way up or hanging around to bully IDK, and I’ll never know. But we deal with it.


I’m there to bully. :slight_smile:

not really.


We slummed in platinum 1 over the Holidays.

I was surprised to find a nearly 500 there. There was quite a few 400s and there have always been a lot of 300s. Hopefully you mostly only see that at the very top of platinum which can be nearly indistinguishable from the very bottom of sapphire.

But there seemed to be enough in not sure why those teams couldn’t be sorted together in a league with others in the same boat and make everyone have a more enjoyable game.


Great, so then mercs aren’t an issue.

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He made a perfectly valid point… do you have a reasonable response or are you going to just be a whiny little… right I’ll put this politely.

Stop whining and discuss it. He made a good point. If Plat is full of 300-400 already. What is a single Merc going to do?


Pssst, she’s a he :see_no_evil:


Might be a she on weekends though…


Fixed! :blush:. 10


@MikesGoN2GetU You just don’t get it. We don’t want bait and switch. War with who you have for EVERYONE.


Oh I get it… I just don’t agree. Or more specifically I see no easy solution and I think PG has more important game machanics to focus on.


Maybe they have other important problems to fix but that doesn’t discredit this problem.


To all if you that complain about the fact that this thread is continuing you do have a choice. No one is making you follow it and new players are posting here daily. So if it bothers you and you’ve made your pount(s) then unfollow and move on. But don’t waste our time (those that wish to farther discuss) with your constant ridicule. I have had several private message me not to let this end cause they want to rally others to speak out. So please take your sarcasm some where else.


I am trying to discuss. But u arnt making any points… answer Gox’s point or shut the hell up.


You can’t really bait and switch. The aggressor (team who does the declaration) gets to pick a target of their choice.

Bringing in a ringer is actually a valid anti-grieving mechanic preventing a team from picking on another, and neutralizing the advantage the aggressor had.

It is sometimes abused. I’ve seen teams in sapphire without a single member over level 200. That shouldn’t be possible. Turns out they regularly bring in a level 400 to help them get big bases.

Now who’s worse here. The team that is in sapphire and has no business being there, or the team that declares on a team that should be no competition. (Easy win)

Tough call, your opinion is just an opinion. Reality is that the system should encourage upward and across competition, not looking for the easiest win.


I totally agree with you. This is not cool. A lot of times we choose teams based on levels that are close to ours. So you expect to War the team when you chose. Not a team that has brought in ringers. This just isn’t right in my opinion. Something definitely needs to be done on this issue.


I think it’s more that folks would prefer more discussion/debate and less complaining and repeating the same thing over and over.

One group has opinion a, one group has opinion b, both seem to be abusing the game slightly. (Intentionally or not).

Neither is right or wrong. It’s an impass. Most people would agree to disagree and move on.

I personally would like to see some fresh points made, but by all means continue.

I’m convinced there is room for improvement, but I’m also convinced it’s important to be able to balance the advantage the team that declares has.


“Anti-griefing mechanism”…How about just war with the team you start the war with? Seems like that is how the game was intended, the same as any team game.


I really don’t care that much about this topic. Our team sits in Platinum 4 until we are ready to move to Sapphire since the event rewards don’t matter between sub-leagues. We never war.

It is just common sense that keeps me commenting here. I don’t understand how people can treat the OP and those who support the idea that mercenaries shouldn’t be a thing (as Jared also said) as though they are proposing some off the wall unfair idea. Again, it is common sense, when you have a pre-arranged team, you compete using that pre-arranged team.