Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


I don’t know the fix to it or if it’s worth putting the time towards fixing it. The same issue could be said for events, people not on the original team can back people up for those too.

Fixable or not, I don’t think that is how the game was intended to be played, we have teams for a reason.


Also…just because high levels are in lower leagues doesn’t mean they are sandbagging. It could be a new team moving up, or it could be a whale who doesn’t want to leave the people they started playing with.


Honestly at this point I think it’s moved past anyone caring about the actual mercenaries. The OP clearly intends this thread to only be for people sharing his opinion. Even those trying to help have literally been told to not let the door hit them on their way out of this thread. So after 700 posts, yeah, people are caring less and less and less. If they made wars work the way the OP wants, I wouldn’t care, but if they don’t, I don’t care either. The OP is not helping himself by dismissing anyone whose opinion isn’t on line with his own, in my opinion. I think it’s clear that this post was not intended for an actual discussion. That’s why everyone is tired of it.

Oh well :man_shrugging:


I agree the OP is overzealous on this and should let Jared have the internal discussions he mentioned. However, he also got a lot of negativity over it to begin with when it seems to me to be a valid issue. Anyway, this thread is cancer…on with the burning and have a good weekend!


Well said. Have a good weekend!


If they kick a lvl 80 and bring in a lvl 120 its more like a loss. When they kick a lvl 80 and bring in a lvl 400 its more like a win. As long as the player kicked can finish the 5 flames on opponent team before war ends, this makes the opponent team at a risk of much higher loss due to the nature of why teams do ringers. It’s bringing in super high levels and crush opponents as a back up. What do you lose by kicking a lower level? 1 defense points. Compared to the 5 flame everything singer back up its nothing.


Exactly! They kick a level 50 after their base has already been beaten (there by giving away NOTHING including the fact that the player that got 5 flames on that base CANNOT attack again) and then bring in a level 300+ or 400+. Even if the teams were relatively evenly matched when war was declared, this turns the whole war upside down.

I appreciate all the advice on how to attempt to combat this but even so this action is WRONG and UNETHICAL! And regardless of why there are 300s and 400s in lower leagues (as mentioned above not for bullying others) this practice needs to be stopped. I myself am still in Plat because I lead my team and am devoted to staying with them.

Just cause there may be ways to lessen the severity of this use of mercenaries doesn’t mean we can ignore the problem. It needs to be fixed.


Your opinion does not make it a fact. Please remember that these are opinions not facts.

Like I mentioned above, this mechanic allows for teams who are being targeted by bored, massive, sandbagging teams to be able to fight back. I’m not talking one war as the bigger team moves up, I’m talking relentless wars as the bigger team loses to others so they don’t have to move up. This is what makes it an anti-griefing mechanic. Pros and cons to the mechanic, honestly.


Then PG should put something in place that prevents a team from declaring on the same team more than once in the week between shuffles.


that would take forever for a bronze team to move out.

Let’s say you have declared against all 24 teams. Then you won’t be able to declare on those teams unless they do the same to you.

It’s going to be a super slow promotion if that were to be implemented. What more if you can only go up against 2 teams then you will have the other 22 teams to worry about since +20 team rating won’t be enough if you lose something like 150 team rating against those 22 teams.


Idk but she was concerned about one team bullying others and declaring multiple times on the same team. But this is off topic anyway.


We have already established that this is happening a small percentage of the time. Rather than switching accounts around to different teams week after week, is it not just a simpler fix to the issue to drop down one week to another league and war you’re way back up into a sub league that doesn’t not contain this team? This itself can be seen as an “anti-grieving” method in the sense that

  1. It doesn’t fuel the fire of a bullying team, pays them no time of day
  2. It fixes the problem, you no longer have to deal with this team
  3. You dont have to go through the hastle of shifting accounts around and potentially losing rewards

  1. It’s a lot easier to drop an account down for a few hours than a week.
  2. It doesn’t fix the problem. If asshole teams know that if they act like jerks someone could come and rub their face in their own shit talk…
  3. Going down for a week promises that I lose rewards. This point isn’t valid.

We have different opinions and that’s fine. I don’t think the mercenary technique is a big enough issue to warrant an overhaul to the war code system, especially if there are ways to to combat it.


When it is week after week as you originally stated, it is much more of an hastle to continuously drop an a count down for every war than to just drop down for one week and shift no accounts at all.

Generally by paying no attention to people who want to cause drama they will end up getting bored and discontinuing their frustration or having it come out in various other ways.

This indeed is a point, dropping down for one week would be much simpler and you would lose much less rewards than week after week by dropping down a bigger account for every war.

  1. When it’s been that bad, I rarely stay for more than a war. The team that were being jerks realizes they can’t be as big of dicks if I can send an account down anytime I want.

  2. You’re literally talking to a team leader who has the biggest “don’t be a dick” team rule in War Dragons. I know how to handle drama, and I also know that there are some assholes you can’t just ignore, especially in the low league where they think they are cool.

  3. Again, I have never dropped an account down for every war. Hell, I have rarely dropped down at all. Usually it’s a one and done thing.


Trolls, bullies, and others with similar attitudes can always be dealt with in multiple ways. It appears we have a difference of opinion in the most effective methods to do this; the point of my post is to effectively get across the point that having mercs is not a one to one trade off for people being obnoxious and beating up on a smaller team. If PG were to make War Rosters concrete after a war is declared, there are other options for teams than bring in a Merc.


I’m sure you could do the same to avoid these mercenaries and it would probably sound just as rediculous to you as what you wrote sounds to me.

Do you not understand that the declaring team has a distinct advantage being able to choose a target that has no say in the matter?

Do you not only choose teams you know you can win against?

Would it not make sense for there to be equality in all wars, including the ability for both sides to bring in ringers?


It sounds just as ridiculous to me for someone to be able to keep 1, 2, possibly even three teams in a league that they don’t belong in just because they can switch one level 400 account around. . .


One player does not make a team. At lower levels it may allow a promotion or two, but it won’t get them too far.

While defense can go very high, dragons stop at harbinger (recently it was obsidian)

I’m not aware of any teams doing this for the express reason of keeping their team in a higher league. Most can win without but bring in the ringer one especially tough battles. This is consistent with the direction war Dragons seems to be taking. And if I’m not mistaken there is bit about it on the war dragons faq on their website


Then why should you need a ringer?