Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


@EidolonRM It makes more sense for everyone to fight their own battles and neither bring in ringers.


@SnipeHunter I too have seen this. Got some teams that no way belong here but when you war them they bring in ringers.


It sounds just as ridiculous to me for someone to be able to keep 1 team in a league that they don’t belong in just because they are sandbagging as a level 400 in a team in a low league…


Yet it is completely possible and happens?


Stil, I don’t get all the fus about this. If your team lose a war because of a 400 level player who’s base you don’t have to take and 49 attacks to get the 250 points are enough, hmmm… Could it be that your team is not that great as you think ? And to your point, if the team with the ringer wins the war, that team goes upper in the leagues and be sure, they’ll fall down really quick from there. A lot quicker and a lot harder than you think.


That is why mercenary is needed to prevent a team from bullying another team.

You keep on getting declared by a team that is 200 higher than you. Instead of giving up and having that team declare on you for 5-7 days, bring a mercenary to prevent it one time as a form of a warning.

If they continue, then you will continue to bring in that mercenary (or anyone available) to prevent further bullying.

When you lose when you are the one who declared loses more team rating points than those who lose when they have been declared upon.


your accusing me of sandbagging again Gox?


@PGJared I propose this as a new solution, since the crowd is split, it provides a method for both parties. Rather than lock the war roster and when war is declared which has been the previous suggestion, make it so that any single player can only belong to a single team a maximum of two times per month.

As was already stated in one case

As stated bringing a ringer down once fixes the problem and the ringer is allowed to go back to his team, yet cannot keep switching just to keep his team in the league. You all get your ringer, we get our semi locked war roster.


Just so you know, your version of what makes more sense is not what everyone has, and yours is not more (or less) valid.

I disagree. The attacker has an advantage. It makes sense for the defender to have a counter

So you seem to ignore my point, either not comprehending or finding it valueless (aka you agree to disagree but won’t say the words)

Let me attempt to do for you what you don’t seem to have the courtesy to do for me.

You state that it’s about fighting your own battle and being a team. Can we agree that teams are inheritanrly very fluid and players come and go every day? So the concept of a team is rather fluid? Are you saying if the large player had joined before you declared, you would have been okay with it?

Because if you are, it seems more like your issues is that you picked a team you could clubs seals with and are upset the seals fougy back. That’s kind of like saying when hunting that its not fair for the target to move… I also think this means the incentives for picking more challenging targets is broken and that league balance in general is off. (Both of which I think are true)

If you aren’t saying that. Then I think you feel teams are too fluid and I might agree except the root cause has nothing to do with preventing team changes but maybe providing benchwarmers to the roster or otherwise allowing less than 50 members to compete, or maybe some kind of built in team change…

In both cases I don’t think stopping mercs does anything. And I think it is important to counter being declared on by someone repeatedly that you otherwise couldn’t touch. It’s not like you have to beat the base…


That’s a terrible argument.

You don’t need daily egg tokens either, why should you be allowed to keep them? (See how that works?)

Since this isn’t communism. The burden falls on why should t something be allowed, not why should you need it. I don’t need chocolate but you might not like what happens if you take my chocolate away. (If you even could)


Let’s focus on the new solution rather than go around in circles. That’s what everyone was asking for out of this thread afterall was new ideas and working towards a goal.


Impossible to have a solution to a problem e can’t agree on. I’m not exactly sure what you think the problem is. Stating something is wrong doesn’t make it so. I tried to make an educated guess what your problem may but but you haven’t really given any indicators. And your statement of problem has been justified by because it’s wrong. (If it was wrong it should be causing a problem)


He is not the only one who thinks having a pre-arranged team means something by an overwhelming precedence among any other activity which involves a pre-arranged team.

Pulling players from other teams to help you win in the middle of a competition just goes beyond all common sense for how a team is supposed to work imo.

If teams are picking on other teams, then that can be dealt with in other ways. If Red Delilah’s alt team is getting war farmed, she can have her main team harrass farm the you know what out of that team until they stop. Or limit the amount of times a team can declare on another team within a given period of time. Or many more anti-griefing mechanisms any of us can think of.

Being able to bring in players from other teams because you don’t like your war match up just makes absolutely no sense to me.

Now off I fly but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist coming back to this beautifully divided never ending thread.


I cant believe how long and divisive this thread has become. I, personally, believe that rosters should be locked for wars. Anyone joining the team after declaration should not be allowed to participate until the next war. Its kinda ludicrous to think that a team should be allowed to change rosters after war is declared if they dont like their matchup. That said, ive been playing for quite awhile and have yet to come across an incident of this happening. So, it must be pretty rare. Therefore, i agree that pg has issues that are much more worthy of their time at this point. Should they get to a point where all of the players biggest complaints are resolved, they could look at this at that time if they choose. Just my opinion.


As myself and many others have expressed our opinion that changing the war roster after war is declared is a problem, I was under the impression that this was all quite clear by now. I did however come up with a solution to satisfy both camps and perhaps you did not see it so I will requote here . .


Hmmm why 2?

Lets say Platinumteamwithalevel300 (from now on referred to as team 1) wants to pick on Platinumteamwithoutalevel300 (from now on referred to as team 2).

They declare every other day. Surely team2 would get fed up about the bullying and do something about it – hence bring in a level 300 to make things even?

I think the “solution” you presented although novel, is pushing the one agenda. Eg its a similar statement to saying “you are only allowed to bring in said ringer once a month”

Valiant effort, but a bit more is needed I think.

How about something like “you can only bring in a player with the same upper dragon tier as the highest tier in which the attacking team has”

If say two gold teams fight, but the declaring team has someone with an emerald dragon, then the defending team can also bring in someone with up to emerald?

Eg fair chance, not clear overpower?


End statement: I have no issues with ringers nor the current system, but if it absolutely had to be changed in order for this thread to die…


But why? You haven’t stated a problem you have stated a thing you don’t like. What is it causing? How prevelant is it?


It’s not a popular opinion contest, you actually have to show something Is wrong. Which is more than saying you don’t like it or feel it is wrong.

If we changed the game every time someone felt that way it would be a lot worse than it is.

This is what a problem looks like: When picking even fights we often lose due to a ringer.

This is not what a problem looks like: lots of people don’t like that a roster can change.


My solution was addressing a previous statement that said it usually only takes one account switch to address the problem of a bullying team, therefor yes, I was trying to come up with a method to allow someone to move an account once, but not alter every War.

You are proposing that perhaps it takes more than one time to confront such a bullying team and I think have provided a good solution. The only thing I might add is that it be a bit more specific, such as

No player may provide assistance to an attack that contributes to a teams total flame count unless

  1. They were with said team upon the declaration of the war OR
  2. Their top non seasonal dragon matches or is lower than the dragon tier and level of the highest opponent on the opposing team.

For example. Team A declares war, Team B wants to bring in a ringer. Team A’s player with the highest dragon is a Legendary Emerald. Team B cannot bring in a player that has an Emerald Mythic or higher.

Thank you @Gox1201 for being creative and working towards an endpoint.


It could work, although not sure how “narrow” the band should be, reckon same tier should work.

Its at least A solution