Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


Don’t close it…super concerned over the plight of sandbagging 300s…super concerned…for realsies…


Hello, im here for the weekly M.E.A.N.(Mercenary Enlightenment Against Nooblets) meeting. Shall we begin by reciting the Mercenary Anthem or dive into repeating ourselves several hundred times? Is there a sign in sheet for volunteers to serve those against the ones that reject all knowledge in discouraging such acts and jump straight into demands that the game be changed to suit their special needs? Im sure together we can find a solution for such a tragic epidemic that plagues our community.


No Mike, you will make him cry even more with your harbinger tier :joy::rofl:


Mike must be a cheater, having Harbinger just weeks after they’ve been released. Smh @MikesGoN2GetU how do you sleep at night

Edit for idiots: This is sarcasm.


Poke fun all you want. I’m just the voice of several who feel this way and we will be heard.


I wish u didnt have my avatar


Where are these several? Why are they not expressing their issues with mercs? Probably because it’s not that prevelant? :man_shrugging:t2:


Just one example for you who say I’m sandbagging. They have two 300+ and in my league this week.


Oh … and what’s this a 400+?


And here we have three 300+ on the same team.

How does that shoe leather taste?

So what’s your next excuse or accusation?


i know this team and that 400 level player has been there for quite awhile. she did a small stint on another team when elite family imploded for a bit (like 2 weeks) but came back to help them rebuild and has been there for awhile. she is not a mercenary as you say, but a long term member on that team. your accusations are just unfounded. and i can’t even believe this thread is still going. that is the state of the game. lots of bigs now through all leagues, get used to it or find another game.


@WhooMe I didn’t say she’s a merc. A merc is when a player is swapped out for a much higher player after war has been declared. The purpose of showing these few teams with the high players is that some here have accused me of sandbagging. I could care less as to why she or any of these high levels are here. It’s their own business. I just wanted to prove to others here that it is very common.

I have no problem dealing with (or not dealing with) the biggies. I just don’t condone swapping in mercs after war has been declared!


Ok on a real note. Id be ok with a limit of 25 flames max per player per war, if fullproof…i just dont care enough to change it or ask pg just so somethin else breaks. Just not worth it to me personally to deal with a “lets see what this button does” possibility.


I actually haven’t bothered to breed Harbringer yet… I could… but I’ll wait for them all to come out so I can maximize my egg use.


Platinum 1 has 300s and 400#. :scream: outrageous.


With the latest PG screwup many teams are loosing players. They’re disillusioned as to how little PG cares and how easily they’ll come in and take away all you’ve worked (and coined) so hard for. So teams are disbanding and higher level players are moving down in league.
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@Shadow4Dragons I’m not sure I understand the problem. Could you explain it?


Was just showing some here who are accusing me of sandbagging in Plat1 as a lvl327 that there are lots of 300+ and 400+ in this level (pictures posted above).

Then in response to:

I stated that due to PG screwup teams are disbanding due to players being disillusioned with PG and leaving the game. This has caused more and more high levels to end up here in Plat1.


I meant this whole mercenary thing.


Pls read original post at the start of this thread.