Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


If you expect anyone to scroll back through 800+ posts, you are insane.

This thread is pointless as NO ONE is going to read it in its entirety.


I regret that I have :sob: not all in one go though, just as it unfolded.


Oh well your loss. Every day more and more likes are being added to the original post that started this thread. Just click on the topic.


I have. And I did. I get it. But you yourself went off topic with the sandbagging nonsense. Folks, I promise, he isn’t sandbagging, I soloed his base a few weeks back, defended, in war. So yeah…something does need to be done about mercs, but you can’t penalize everyone cause of a few rotten apples.


Lol, same here :laughing:


Haha me too. With :popcorn: having some laughs :see_no_evil:


Sorry, you repeated yourself and said the same thing over and over and over so many times throughout this thing that I honestly thought you would like to do it again. My bad :wink:


That is all.


have you declared a war on them?

Just because others are sandbagging doesn’t mean you’re not. Just saying.

Not that there’s anything wrong with sandbagging IMO.


This Conversation is so far off topic it’s not really relevant anymore. There is no such thing as “sandbagging” because there is no rule that says you can only be up to such and such a level to be in gold league. Wherever people want to sit with their accounts is up to them.

Now, the actual subject, I’ve never experienced a Merc coming into a team, but it is just the way it is until PG changes the rules. I would be fine with limiting war flames so long as you actually use a dragon in the run. You can get flames and not even use a dragon and that would IMO unfairly limit the number of just in case follows a person can do.


The only reason I spoke about sandbagging was because some posted here that mercs were valid to defend against sandbaggers like me. They kept going on and on saying I was whining cause others needed to use mercs against me the big bully of the sandbox. Well now I showed them (with some of your help) that they’re full of BS and there absolutely are lots of biggies in our leagues.

Yes the real topic here is that using mercenaries is wrong and needs to be stopped by PG.


So by your own admission there are absolutely a lot of biggies in your league…

All you have shown is that
A) there are lots of other teams in plat with high level players right?

So mercs cant be that big a thing. Certainly arent against your team as you can have obs dragons at your level at expert.

Certainly arent against the teams you showed.

So guess its a very limited problem then.


There are limited teams he can “guarantee” a win against is my guess and upset that things don’t go as planned.


That’s the biggest thing I get out of this as well


Your logic is flawed. Just cause some teams have biggies in no way reflects if mercs are used by others. Yes it most deffinately is still a problem!


The only thing I get upset about is the bait and switch tactic of using mercenaries.


Since this thread has started, why haven’t you uploaded pics of this continually happening? Is it because you haven’t had it happened to your team again?


Bait and switch implies you are entitled to a fixed set of stuff. Which can only really matter if you expect a victory. If you are a large player and expect an advantage for sandbagging, then yes mercenaries are an intended mechanic as a fighting chance.

You don’t have to be a big player to have obsidian dragons, so your whole idea that it’s bait and switch is redicuois. The bases you have to get are still the same bases. Your 250 flames should still be just as easy.


The plot thickens. Just got declared on by a team that at face value doesn’t have the drags to take down my base. I’m super stoked! Totally hoping to see this merc maneuver in action. They even boast in their description that they’re a team of 100 so I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Update to follow. :popcorn::cup_with_straw:


Although they may have a sleeper Haus in there somewhere that I missed and that would force me to go cry on a different thread…