Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


So war against a team that used a hacker. During the war:

After the war:

How does a player with less than 1.5m medals have an expert Dester? Immediately after the war she changed her name, her language and quit the team.


If they were banned then reinstated their medals would start at zero again… or its a hacker :joy:


None of those things necessarily mean theyre hacking though I do agree its quite suspicious and worth a look from PG.


We did try to propose a solution to this in posts 728-740. May be we should continue from there with this and see why poeple think this is a good/bad idea?


I could live with that.


Still no response from PG.


What do you want them to say other than… “its not controversal and its well within the rules, deal with it”


No they said they were revisiting.


that’s PG code for “we dont care, we are ignoring you” lol


They say that every time they don’t have an answer…lol. Come back in a few months or a year.


@PGJared You previously posted that this loophole needed to be revisited. Is what others are saying above :point_up:️true?


So since the time you made this post, how many mercenaries have your team come across?


I can not accept that practice neither Newworldjapan did it us and is not fair play


nor is having a team declare on you that has bases you can’t beat… this is an answer to that issue.


Another thing is that, if you can get to lvl 340-350+, league prizes and team prizes most likely matter very little considering how much you need to spend to get there, not to mention lvl 440+.

Personal growth isn’t very much dependent on league rewards these days, for those levels and above. If they want to stay in let’s say Plat 4, they aren’t losing out on much for themselves.

You can call them lazy, or not competitive, or whatever. But we kinda don’t have the mechanism to drive/incentivize them up.

Pew pew pew and they’re winning the war.


Is this still a thing? :joy:


Until the next balancing update anyway. Ba dum tss.






I was really invested in reading this entire thread, but after reading 840 comments not so much. I do agree that it is unfair to swap players during war, but I understand the all’s fair in love and war reference.
My biggest take away, 840 responses later, is that I would love to see the WD coding.