Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


As a first step, it would help if PG came out and said: “this is considered cheating!” They might not have the means or the will to prevent it, but they can surely see it. If they do and threaten team banning, that would cut it to a minimum, don’t you think? Programming it in somehow would be better, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.


PG does not consider this cheating and this is not an example of a bannable offense…


That time of the week already? Good to have some consistency in this game :slightly_smiling_face:.


I was just admiring this also. lol


Every time you think it’s finally gone…back it comes lol.


Damn crabs…


Night of the Living Controversial Mercenary War Tactics


Otherwise known as “Night of the Living Thread”? :eyes:


That’s way better. I’m so mad at you right now :rofl::rofl:


Should we redirect you to that thread talking about finding a match in War Dragons?


Is that a thing? Please show me lol


You must have elite though #forewarned


I can’t find the thread now. Was around VDay, something about making a connection ingame or something…


Not during some events, but that’s irrelevant I agree that PG cannot stop people from bringing in new members. I know my alliance we are pretty often switching members to give people vacations to avoid burn outs.


Premium membership required lol


Search for meet someone ingame, it’s in off topic :joy:


That thread got taken down.


Nada :man_shrugging: come on I’m trying to see what the WD dating scene looks like :rofl: My girlfriend allready wants to bash my head in whenever I’m playing so I figure might as well poke the bear and leave a WD dating thingy up on my screen


I hope PG sends compensation to those of us that weren’t able to find a match


Whoops, Have you ever fallen for someone ingame? Is the thread