Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


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Yay thanks for that link from pg directly. Halleluja


They told me that is acceptable practice


Me2. If it ain’t cheating; IT’S STRATEGY!


Pre war hits werent cheating or bannable either, yet were changed because pg ultimately decided that they werent really an intended mechanic of how wars should work. It comes down to their opinion on the matter, which they are unlikely to share.


I am guessing that you call it strategy because you have a highlevel carrying your team in its position in league. Would you still be there if you lost them? If you couldn’t then you are not using the war mechanics as they were meant to be used.


Sounds like strategy to me… what’s the issue?


Proponents of pre war hits, myself included, also considered those to be strategy. So yeah, mercs are a strategy, but are they an intended mechanic or are they something players figured out how to benefit from because the game isnt currently coded to prevent it?


Regardless it’s not a cheat and people need to stop acting as though it is. If people was to complain go for it. But it’s not a cheat.


Agree, its not a cheat. Wouldnt you agree though, that if it were an intended mechanic, pg would have flat out said so long long ago?


I don’t think PG cares enough to give it a second thought…


I think if it was intended they wouldn’t have said it needs to be revisited.


Why? Why would they give two shits?


Maybe they do, maybe they dont. But its kinda their job. Just bc some players dont give 2 shits doesnt necessarily mean pg doesn’t


Asked and answered in the official PG FAQs


Ah, Leigh,…envy is an ugly thing, is it not?
Sounds like, maybe, you’ve lost a war to us recently. Might that be?
Who among us does not have higher members in their team. Who among us does not rely upon these powerful members for resources, attack back-ups and winning wars. The day will come when I, too, and you as well, will be one of these powerful team members and will be role models and looked up to. It’s part of what makes the teamwork in this game so special. It’s what teamwork is about.
Strategy and tactics are what make this game special as well and it’s fascinating and complicated. Otherwise it’s just flying a dragon with no control over direction over an island chain, pretending to burn stuff. So whether you win wars or lose them, whether you’re level 72 or level 492 or whether you rely on the BIGs to win war for your team or are yourself BIG, we are students of strategy and students of war tactics.
If PG does not declare this to be cheating, I repeat, it is a Strategy that you can choose to use or not!


Somebody needs to watch a few seasons of survivor…


Well! First off I am far from jealous of your nasty demeanor & glad we don’t know each other in real life. No we haven’t lost any wars to you.
2nd having a level 450 and above in a low sapphire/below league is not strategy. It is one person winning everything by just existing there and the rest of the team are riding their shirt tails. I personally wouldn’t publically brag about that. I look forward to the day those teams find themselves with out their war machine trying to stay there the legitimate way.