Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


The tribe has spoken…


First off, if you read carefully, you’ll notice I didn’t get personal. You, however, did with visceral insults. Innappropriate, IMO. Secondly envy and jealousy are two different things neither of which is necessarily always negative. Thirdly, I guarantee if we met each other in real life,I’m certain we’d like each other. We have much in common and I have extraordinarlily good social skills; i.e. when someone insults me, I maintain contact and find out the real message behind the insult. I’m curious right now what that might be. It IS just a game and something else is going on here.


Thanks for the morning laughs. This is hysterical.


My pleasure. I live to entertain!!!


Also, our highest team member and I joined the team at the same time. She’s advanced much faster. Should we ask her to leave for that reason? Does this kind of intense loyalty and dedication injure your sense of morals? Imagine if PG made a rule that all team members must be within 100 levels of each other or anyone who advances rapidly must be forced to leave their team! I believe someone as intelligent, ethical, and envy-free as you would agree as to the unfairness of this.




To keep my orginal post on topic and to avoid any more weird trolling…everything you tried to argue was already stated. Those are my views whether or not you like them. Please refer back to it when it suits you.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Having a level 400+ does not make for an automatic “I win”. It still comes down to team participation, lots of defending and everyone getting their five flames and what ever their best fliers can achieve on that one high level member. Ultimately, having that extremely high level does give them the competitive edge…

With so many higher level players… even in platinum league it is difficult to find a team that does not have at least one 300+ and several level 200s.


@EliteCerberus What we’re addressing here is when a team (after being declared on) swaps out a lower level player who’s base has already been beaten to bring in a much higher level player to help them take down all their opponent’s bases. This is exploiting a game loophole that is not part of the war mechanics. The team that swaps out the player looses nothing since his base was already beaten. But now they (with the help of the mercenarie) can take down all their opponents bases. This is why we’re asking PG to lock down the war participants to those who were there originally.


Low 300’s and lower can’t do much against 400’s now with tower update… those level 60’s rip Noc apart now.


Figures… I’m pretty close to getting him! Usually how it goes for me… :joy:


May have to hire Mike as a Merc to help with those 400s… jk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t have any Harbringers either… mainly because they all look awful except Destar.


Wow, this thread is still going😂image
Oh yes, a decision will be made…


I completely agree with you if you come after war only to defend should be allow


@Shadow4Dragons i thought perhaps you might support my recent proposal for war mechanics :slight_smile:
Fix Wars to account for account sharing crack down (credit Jared)


Not to revive an oldish thread, but this subject is still very relevant as we are encountering this tactic in one of our current wars. It’s completly and utter shit.


Hopefully this cheat will be stopped!


Did you read the part about how to counter it or shall we begin the everrolling cycle again?


I wonder how many teams have successfully countered this. Ive never heard of it. The counter measures, imho, are very idealistic and theoretical, and the only teams equipped to even potentially pull it off are teams who dont face mercs in the first place.
Maybe there are teams that have done it, idk, but if it was realistically doable then mercs wouldnt exist.