Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


There are Several posts in this very thread saying that they did indeed counter teams with mercs, using the countermeasures also explained in this thread.


If a merc hits you it usually means you got at least one super big. You’ve probably just relied on that one or few players to win your wars. Likely you’re not as organised as a team that doesn’t have those crutches. This will help you get better at war. Embrace it!


You may have super bigs, or a couple players who really know how to fly their dragons…


No merc is going to be needed if you only have good flyers. Mercs are there to take out bases.


TBH, I did not read through the thread. I will now though. Its just a bummer really :frowning:


Kudos to those teams, truly, but those are the exceptions to the rule and are a result of certain scenarios that dont often occur. Fact is, if mercs didnt give you a high chance at winning a war that you would otherwise have a low chance of winning, they wouldnt be a thing.


@PGJared You mentioned earlier in this thread that you all would review this loophole. May we please get a status?


He didn’t call it a loophole, don’t put words in his mouth:

My speculation is that they met, discussed it, decided it’s not shaking or breaking the game, and moved on to more important topics.


I don’t think they’re the exception. In order for a team to require a merc, there must a few bases on the declaring team that the declared on team either can’t or will have difficulty beating.
Then they take on a merc to deal with the, say sandbagging 400, base that would otherwise have great difficulty overcoming (they might still have difficulty overcoming it).
With that base down, they still have to execute the rest of the war correctly: member show up for their war hits, number of defends higher than their opponents, etc.
What we’ve been saying this entire thread is that using a merc is a strategy to even up the playing field. Like every strategy, it can be countered, which separates it from being a loophole or exploit, which are strictly one sided and uncounterable.


Sorry I forgot fart jokes were against the forum rules.

It is pointless to speculate on what PG will end up doing with this. Let the person who was tagged answer the question.



Oh come on that wasn’t that bad. It was just a joke, sheesh.


I’ve already proven that there ate NUMEROUS 300 & 400 plus players in Platinum and even Gold leagues now. I find it hard to believe they’re all sandbagging. Your counter isn’t a counter at all! You simply preach defend on all attacks no matter how often they attacks in no matter how many waves. You make it sound like the merc will only help on the top bases. That’s BS! I wish a team that you declare on would bring in a merc and wipe the floor with you so you’d see how the rest of us feel. Your method of countering is a FARSE!

I’m also not going to take your other advise and get my own merc. Two wrongs don’t make a right! We fight honorably!




if you are going to fight honorably, don’t declare on a team that doesn’t have a chance of defeating your base because of level gap that’s not honorable.

You want them to honorably accept your war declaration on them and lose because they have no chance in hell to fight back?


How often does this happen? I have seen it once in over a year playing time and the team that brought in the big against us lost.


I kind of really hope that Degenerates/xxVendettaxx/whatever their new team name ends up being if the regroup again their team lands squarely in your league and declares on you so you can feel what it’s like to be obliterated in wars.

Then you can come back and know the feeling that these teams are feeling when you declare on them :+1:


If the merc is helping attack more than the high bases… isn’t that to your advantage? He’s giving away free defense points. I can understand your point more or less if he was joining in War waves to specifically take out your bigs… if he’s helping everyone in attacks, that opens a vulnerability you can counter.


My definition of free def points is getting defenses without giving up bases. Sounds like your definition is getting maybe one point per base and being guaranteed to not get more than one on any base.


If he is in Platinum… a good number of his teams base will be taken down with one attack anyways… don’t know why my reference would be taken differently :man_shrugging:t2:


Right, and racking up defenses for successfully defending the other bigger bases multiple times is what wins tiebreakers. With mercs, that goes right out the window.