Convert extra eggs into tokens


We all know we need extra eggs from each tier for hut and research but what about the left overs when all is said and done??

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take those left overs and turn them back into egg tokens??

You get left with so many extra eggs you do not need and they go poof or what??


Nope, just nope. Thank you and goodbye :wave:


Converting to the same number of eggs as was required to get that egg in the first place would be good! Don’t see it happening tho unfortunately…:


So basically be able to finish every prize in a breeding event with like 10k eggs?

Breed a sapphire egg for 7778 tokens
turn that egg back into 7778 tokens
rinse and repeat until you’ve maxed the event :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What would be nice is if you could take higher tier eggs and turn them into lower tier eggs for research. Take these garbage garnet eggs and turn them into the obnoxious gold eggs


Sounds awesome! Sign me up! :crazy_face:


I think id rather like to see a complete rework of the research lines, so much outdated shit in there.


Maybe once all the current research is done, Ballistas will actually do some damage.

Just make sure you put them early in your base, it takes time for the poison to do damage.


Not so good, then there’s no decisions in research vs breeding. You just breed way up and then trade all the eggs down. You follow only one path, no diversity no choices.

Reworked additions, but no outdated. If you don’t use em pass on em, but no removals, old stays old ya?

They’re just there, you bred what you did to get what you got. The leftovers are just that. If you kept breeding to get a lot of extra leftovers, why?

The highest members that have breed everything have extra as they needed points during breed so kept breeding. That’s just what comes with being in the front of the pack, they understand that, I hope.


reworked additions? that’s not what rework means. and yes it is outdated.
old stays old? that’s a pretty anti-progress mindset

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I could see it maybe working if it returned only a small percentage of the original cost, to avoid the issue Blackfire brought up. Say, 5% of what the cheapest possible egg of that type costs.

So you could exchange that extra sapphire egg for 389 tokens towards your next goal.

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1 token 1 old egg haha that works


If getting extra research eggs is part of the decision for a breeding path then that person is doing things very wrong. Breeding paths are about progressing through the tiers and getting the eggs for your builder’s hut. I doubt anyone out there picks their path based on the research eggs they might get out of it. As it is, all the higher tier eggs we get are completely worthless after our huts are upgraded.


Outdated: refer to below storyline mode :-1:
Old: Think grandfather clause

That’s your decision, perfectly fine to have that. But also fine to choose a mix of the two and not focus solely on a breeding path but playing the full game.

:raising_hand_man:, didn’t create my path with research in mind, but bred with research in mind and integrated it in.

Everyone plays a different game, that’s the beauty of War Dragons. It’s not a storyline game where everyone follows a single path.

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It literally doesn’t, outdated has nothing to do with storyline, not for this game, not for any game.

Also research has even less to do with story line lmfao.

How did you came up with such far off definition of outdated, actually curious.


Storyline mode is not what the game is, but changing research to fix outdated will edge it that much closer to being a storyline game. Let’s keep WD not a storyline game, it’s what makes it fun.

Edit: moving to PM


How are you making these connections? You actually make no sense lol.

Updating a game has literally nothing to do with story line what the actual hell are you talking about? Is this a joke? Lmfao


But what if my mythic emp has windwall?


I prefer nocturnal fissure, the research is more expensive and thus exclusive

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I apologize for the delay in participating, I was away. Don’t you think PG WANTS us to waste our tokens though? Otherwise they could just change breeding so we only got the egg we seek rather than all the other eggs we don’t.

If we want to get eggs for research we could, if we don’t we wouldn’t have to waste them. I think it’s yet another gating mechanism.

Still makes no sense that you can breed the egg of one of the parents you are breeding for a particular offspring.

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It’s all part of cloning. :smile: