Cooldown Mechanic exploit


I would like highlight a mechanic that is quite often used and permit some castles to be held at few to no cost, making it pretty irritating.

So here s the process:
Let’s say team A owns a castle. And for some reasons team A also have a hand on another team… B

Team A is bubbled and wants to to keep their castle while not having to do their cooldown…

At the best moment for them, team A will drop shield, and let the castle be conquered by team B… who then move his conquering prim from the castle, allowing team A to conquer it again.

Since these are just conquers… there s no cooldown… which makes the castle « easy to maintain » at no cost.

Basically, a way to by pass this would be to make a 24 hours windows…. And if a previous owner of the castle take possession of it again, he will have to do the usual cooldown for the castle tier.

This is not the most perfect solution, but at least it will break that abused mechanic, without breaking too much other mechanics.

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:raised_hands:t2: a solution :raised_hands:t2:

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Quick question. No sarcasm intended.

What happens if there are team C, D, E, … Y, Z on the said castle?

Can they still do that?


Other t’as has to maintain 270k + troups to make sure it can not be done….

This mechanic to prevent a cooldown in this way can hardly be prevented. I myself see another problem: my KurzerProzess team has a pirate gate. Unfortunately there were already several pirate teams in this castle and they all use the same mechanics. To conquer the castle, players switch from team A (castle owner) to team B or C and conquer the castle, which is then taken back by team A.
There are just enough guards employed to bubble the castle by hitting guards. Then the changed player starts attacking and bubbling the castle, so that it only takes a few minutes until the castle is bubbling again. After the bubble, the player returns to Team A.
There are always at least 2-3 team changes. I see the problem more in the fact that players change teams several times, then take advantage of other teams and conquer castles that are conquered back only a minute later. Often gold is also stolen in the process.
PG should prevent this team hopping, because that is the real problem and would definitely prevent this behavior. My suggestion to PG is that after a team change you can join a team again after 24 hours.

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Another possible solution to prevent this reconquer mechanic would be to remove the benefit of using it.

This can be achieved by making a period (24 hours) of castles ownership before a benefits kick in. Thus, the ability to summon gold primarchs, bank bonuses, egg tokens, etc. are only available if you have owned a castle for a certain period (24 hours, or maybe bubble + cool-down period).

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We had this issue. Got around it by loading 300K troops on silver and gold trappers.
They want the castle but they won’t fight hard for it.

Maybe they should reintroduce infrastructure penalties for storing

From what I’ve seen they don’t really level infra much. This lets them bubble way faster

So new teams forced into piracy are basically are at a disadvantage day one
because they start with no infrastructure.

These aren’t new teams: these are sapphire teams.

I know how to fix all of the Atlas woes.

Emergency surgery, ripping that festering wound out of WDs and making it it’s own app. Sure WDs will take some time to heal and scrolls and stuff to craft gear will have to be added to events and stuff and compensation for Atlas resources will have to be distributed, by make WDs War Dragons and Atlas War Dragons 2, “Neverending Conquest” or something equally as stupid.

But that’s just crazy talk…

Any team who steps foot on that map is new to that map regardless of how long that team has been established!
And it’s platinum where a team enters the map not sapphire……

We are talking about a different thing: I’m talking about rank 200 teams abusing conquering mechanics

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Many teams now have “Shell” teams… They are controlling Teams A, B,C,D,E F, And G. Thats 7 teams …1 per day for a week. This now creates more work arounds. So yeah do your 24 hour thing, these “privateering” teams will continue to find work arounds for every single “solution” you may come up with.
All of these work arounds are because of how the current map, mega alliances, Gold Primarch restrictions, and that’s just to name a few.
When ever PG makes a decision that affects only one style of play, Those who play that style of play immediately start looking for the work around that new decision. Regardless if it is Mega Alliance or Pirates. Just using those 2 styles for illustrated purposes. When the API was being changed, who were the biggest saying DON’T change? Mega Alliance players. Why? Because ti affected their ability to get information for bots which at that time were restricted access only for those “affiliated teams” use. Then came the Gold Primarch Restriction where a castleless team Can’t summon nor use a Gold Primarch. So what did Pirates do? They became Privateers. What happened after that? That’s right , Mega Alliance teams came full force after these “privateering” teams at their one castle. Which in turn has made Privateering teams find a work around against that, which is part of the OP post.
Last Note: It isn’t just “Pirates” or “Privateers” using this Strategy.
When a work around is in your favor of play, you call it a STRATEGY. When a work around is against your style of play, you call it an EXPLOIT … LMAO
Either way it is within the prescribed mechanics of the game!!

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Yes sir m8 that’s called an applied tactic :facepunch:

And RuRu what you are describing is in fact different but it impacts both groups exactly the same!
So by imposing infrastructure penalties you will curb rank 200 teams from abusing conquer mechanics but you will effectively penalize new teams as well.
I don’t see how adding more and more complexity will help this mess lol
But feel free to try :man_shrugging:
I’m sorry but we won’t balance acquisition of defense regardless! Lmao
I’m just saying it impacts the whole player base not just those rank 200s :+1:

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I am currently holding a retired team with my alt. It was the first team that I was involved with in a competitive way and was an officer on the team for 3.5 years. I do this for a couple of reasons…

  1. I don’t want the team name being able to be picked up by someone else.

  2. I may at some point decide to start again and resurrect it

Personally I’d have no problem if PG were to say teams with less than xx players lose their Atlas status. There is zero reason for retired teams to keep Atlas, sure it’s convenient, but anyone who wants to be a pirate can be on a pirate team, not a shell of team that previously existed.

Not necessarily a cure for the OP, but it would substantially reduce the number of “shell” teams that are cluttering up Atlas in the same way they are gold 2 and lower. It hurts the overall feel of the game and does not make for a wonderful experience either in Atlas or the Main game.

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Because casual play is not a valid play style ?
And teams struggling with player retention they don’t matter either?
No peasants allowed …….
And what will diamond do with all their alt teams?
While a clean and efficient suggestion it would be met with stiff resistance.

Yes but these shell teams have full rosters and not all alts either.
You admit that you keep a shell around for a few reasons… But are willing to give up the atlas access…that’s great…but not to sure others that are “holding” shell teams want this to happen. As already stated many shell teams are fully rostered some with alts and some mains. SO don’t really see this as a solution.

If this is about pirates conquering castles and abusing their time in atlas by hoarding castle it really needs fixed cause it’s really unfair to the one’s who had said castle first and now they hog said castle for gold primes. Plus keep in mind gold primes = power creep and now power creep = constant War dragons evolution now.