Copyrights on dragons question

As a huge fan of gilas being one of my by far favorite arts and style of design I was thinking of making a hoodie as long as I don’t sell the hoodies would I be a able to use gilas art to make one?

To my understanding, probably yeah.


Just change something about it and it will be covered under parody laws :slightly_smiling_face: just add some text or change the color slightly


The concept art is cool, in actual gameplay it looks like a flying turd. Why would you want poo on a hoodie?


It is a hilarious fly sand pop I love it lol

If you were to stylise it and not use the name Gilas, you would be able to make a case for appropriation and it should be ok. If you were to monetise it, of course, while still being appropriation, it would not be seen as “harmless”.

I literally just want it for myself I’d even give pg the design if they would like it @PGGalileo

Or just do it. It’s not like they are watching you


For as long as your intention is not to make any profit from using the “art” for a hoodie, then it’s just fine. But personally, I would suggest you (formally) ask for permission thru mail to be safe. At least, if granted as “safe to use”, you’ll have a documentation secured. Better safe than sorry.


This. :point_up:

Ask for permission so you have a paper trail. I know it can be done, someone has a sepulla jacket.


Just don’t message their legal team directly or else they’ll ban you from communication :dizzy_face::rofl:

I think asking for legal advice, on a public forums, is very, very stupid.


It’s not like I’m asking for a lawyer I’m just trying to ask because I was thinking maybe someone before me has done this and wanted to know what pgs stand had been on it before and how they handled it. I’m not gonna pay a lawyer over a sweatshirt. Even my families lawyer isn’t free. But I understand your viewpoint.

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Just change something, that’s what PG did with Quasar.

The Quazar dragon was in a Dragon magazine a very long time ago (ADnD). It was kind of a joke but it did get popular amongst the players. A friend of mine submitted fan art and we saw all of the submissions. The concept was an insanely powerful celestial dragon with the power of the galaxies. Many features highly resemble the fan art. The concept and imagery are so close it can’t be coincidental.

Yes, I’m old

Or are they :eyes:

( war dragons is everywhere spying on everything you do )

Can they make me one ?

No idea.