Corrupted Temple Raid Portraits?

So, no new portraits again?

No we have ignias

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MiinaNiina already confirmed the old Ignias portrait was being recycled this week


Thank you​:heart::heart:

Again? In the last couple of Temple Raid events they had already given Ignias, I know because I didn’t have it from before, because of my level

That’s what they do


If you can ever get ignias. Ticket in, reply received, portrait “given”. Still no ignias

I would rather they recycled the Imps… I missed out on the Earth imp and it’s the main one I wanted :pensive:


While I don’t want PG to give people who missed their chance as I feel like newer players also get to have their accounts grandfathered with these kinds of second chances :smiling_imp::see_no_evil:, this doesn’t really harm my gameplay.

I’d much prefer new portraits over what I already have, but if PG can’t afford new portraits at the moment, then giving the newer players another go at the older ones is fine by me. :grin:

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id like to know why my shots don’t count towards damage…even after putting runes on…highest on 5 is 64% … now i can’t get 20…wtf to that

It wasn’t ignas Have the orange tier since it it’s came out and no Ubr ignias still the sam e I think we can count on no more portraits for temple. Raid

I think they lied

If you want ignias and have finished the shrine, you may need to submit a ticket, and be persistent


This worked for me. I asked support and they helped fast and solved me not getting it! Yippeeee!

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*gasp* say whaaaaaaaa? How unimaginable… :eyes:

  • Wrong portraits

  • New gear doesnt work in the gear event

  • “Wrong” runes in the LTB

  • New store packs payout out less than they’re supposed to

  • Salvaging gear causes the game to crash

  • Dragon flight speed is slowed down

Man, they really went all out this week. That’s not even mentioning the warm reception that Ascended gear and Relics are getting.


I thought I was imagining the slowed down dragon speed.
Thankfully it’s just pg being pg not my brain turning into mush. Good news.


That one is fixed actually🌚 but yeah

Not for me. I tried salvaging some gear last night and it crashed my game

I tried it a couple of hours ago and it was working for me. Can you try again? If its not working please dm me so i can fast forward it.

They ain’t fixing it for you bc you’re a troublemaker :eyes::joy:
Nah but earlier it worked for me as well so I’d try again too

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