Corruption Season Comes To Atlas

It’s a shame I didn’t pay attention to this thread sooner. I already claimed half of the regular Rider Line with anticipation for Gold Shards because I missed maxing Bjorn

They edited the announcement post. Originally the crom shards were in the regular rider line and not the champion rider line. I’m not sure when the post was edited, but I don’t think anyone noticed before atlas went live two days ago.

It’s a shame the new info was only put in an edit to a post. I don’t think there’s any way to track those the way we can new posts to a thread?

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I read the Chrom shards in the regular rider line and thought nothing of it as that was where typical Champion Rider shards go, and proceeded to share and discuss with my team as such.

From this discussion though, I had to make an important announcement as that has changed…

People are probably going to do that anyway since his stats arent better than the last two champion riders, or at least claim him last. If that was their goal then they should have at least made him as good or at least a little different such as with more construction.