Corruption Season Mythic Dragons Discussion

Hunter, Warrior, or Sorcerer?

Have anyone claimed a mythic for the season yet? How is your experience with it so far? Pros & Cons?

I’m sitting on 20 keys right now. I prefer the warrior, but the last 2 seasons have been big let down for the mythic warrior. I think hunter has been strongest out of the 3 last couple of seasons. This season I’m thinking hunter or sorcerer.

I’m still debating against myself for the 2nd mythic after the hunter too. :disappointed:

I thought I was going for the warrior for its looks, but now I’m not sure.

As much as I really love how it looks, so far I’ve heard the warrior is extremely slow and just not very good. Why they thought that Sand, a spell that hasnt really been relevant for years belongs on a warrior is beyond me.
I’ll definetely have enough keys for a 2nd mythic this season but probably wont be claiming it unless he gets a buff in the form of a spell change.

And it’s such a shame because that dragon is seriously gorgeous and I even love his skins.

Well, hunter has issues with his Pestilence spell ( one shot spell ) also.

Too low damage input and slow projectile.

@DragonPunch any news about this?

With a week 1 PVP+PVE, and the incredible tools from @DragonAdmirer, there are a lot of folks ready to pull the trigger on this season’s mythic.

I’m looking forward to the discussion, Creators Faction videos, and requests for buffs :wink: over the next few weeks.

I’d like to select my first mythic sorcerer… but ATM, it appears to be another hunter season (best of the lot).

I think those days are long gone. We need to take the dragons as they are. Some glitches may be fixed but even that is a long shot.

I chose the hunter. Loved the look and was intrigued by spells. Now as it was mentioned his one shot isn’t quite right and his yellow passive hasn’t been fixed but I’m loving what he can do so far. I’ll get him more gear next atlas season and think he is a fine addition to my dragon army!! Happy flying and best of luck on mythic choices everyone!


True, but that won’t stop the forum from suggesting improvements. Plus there are exceptions, like lowering Mogorot’s breath penalty from -28% to -20%.

Hmm sounds like the same issue perwog used to have with his one shot spell but otherwise you sound happy with your choice :eyes: which would be great bc sola can duck off after next fort and his gear is ready to be passed on lol

Perfect, sounds like this hunter was made for you! I won’t need sola to be mythic since I have this season mythic haha saves my some eggs :wink:

Hah, a match made in heaven you think? Guess I’ll wait for a bit for more vids before claiming.
But thanks for your review :blush:
Happy hunting


how much does it cost to buy all the tokens?

Clarification on the hunter .

First of all the hunter isnt bugged , the spell is designed to work on hunter’s modified hp which is why many of you are failing with Pestilence due to equipping attk runes&glyphs . I’ve tried to spec my hunter with balanced stats in hp &attk , and Champion Xandra . Runes & Glyphs below :point_down:

:warning: Results : My Fergax is always one shooting due to presence of HP modifiers in my runes &glyphs and Xandra’s HP buff as Champion . This means the spell is working as intended and isnt bugged , but this doesn’t mean the params for this spell should be like this . For me it should one shoot at least till +1 tier up not only at tier , which is why I am sure they’re looking into it , but not sure of the tweaks they are gonna make to Pestilence , but whatever is suppose to change it gonna make it more flexible to rune.

P’s : mine isnt ascended yet :face_with_peeking_eye:



Thanks for clarifying :blush:

i still can’t wrap my head around how to even get enough sigs to attempt to get a seasonal drag… unless i sell my house and give it all to the people running this game smh. wouldn’t make more sense to make them more achieveable to those who can’t sell everything they own?

There are lots of ways to get a mythic without spending. One way is to start by saving instead of using all your resources before you’re ready. I would recommend saving all (or nearly all) your rubies. Aim to save enough to get all the draconics at the end of the festive branch. Try to have enough chests saved for the beginning of the season so that you can complete both discount branches before the discount expires. Once you can attain the points required for the 8th team achievement, aim to be on a team where 40 people do so, so you can get 1200 sigils every week


so they roll over season to season? i thought you loss everything at the end.

Chests and rubies you keep, even a mega coin. Sigils and keys and ascension tokens become useless


ok…well that changes everything in my post… thanks for the info :+1: :grinning:


Good luck!