Corruption Season - Official Discussion Thread

Check out all of the new details for the upcoming season here: The Rise Of The Corrupted

What do you think about the upcoming Corruption Season?

  • Incorruptible! (Positive)
  • Casually Corrupt… (Neutral)
  • I’d Be Cautious With The Corruption (Negative)

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Can I ask on wave one you mention Volt tower + Cosmic. Is this 2 branches or a joined branch. Also there is no cost shown for this, can that be confirmed.

I am looking forward to seeing the look of these dragons in game. Hopefully they stay true the beautiful art

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I loved both the sorcerers​:heart::heart:

Wait, 7s cooldown now? So this got even worse

Why does this still list 0% increased damage?

So this went from 5s duration to 4s so this also got worse

This also still says reduces 0%

It’s disappointing to see they’ve made these dragons worse than what was first shown. It should be going in the other direction

Also could we please know what the radius size on Shadow Ball is?

  • RECONSTRUCT - Active | Blue | 0 Rage
    Reduces incoming damage by (0)% and instantly heals for (18)%. Duration: 2s, Cooldown: 1s.

If truly is 0% then statement is unnecessary. Just say “instantly heals for 18%. I’m guessing the number is something other than 0%? But has still not yet been finalized? Well, there is still 20 hours to figure it out. :rofl::man_facepalming:


Well, at least the runes and glyphs help reduce the cooldown of the chain lightening and boost the breath duration of the warrior.

Glad they did that, Interesting they focused on the hp focused spell for the hunter … wondering how that will effect its flying patterns

Overall the mythics seem decent, none SEEM OP but time will tell

Personally I like the sorcerer and warrior but leaning more towards the warrior do to gear and Sothe is still usable lol

The sorcerer’s dodge also doesn’t do damage? KinnX did which was a major factor in its ability to quickly destroy towers…


Are you sure the hunter runes and glyph are correctly stated? HP? :flushed:


To be fair, (and I’m not actually defending pg rn) all of its spells are HP based

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I really wanted a dark dragon this season, but I might have to go with fergaax bc the other two are very underwhelming right now. :sob: At least I have mountos and some fire gear to use :sleepy:

How does some info still say N/A?

giphy (10)

But jokes aside, that is a good question. If the season starts Wednesday, seeing NA in spots is concerning and disheartening.

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N/A I think means there is no number. It’s a sand so it has no duration and probably no CD

But the fact that 2 spells still say 0 is messed up


….sigh…I just want a dragon I like to fly and I can be semi successful at. My hopes are not high….again….

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So I can spam this move indefinitely to ensure that no towers ever do anything while I do continuous damage just as long as I have rage?

Well as soon as you do damage they’d unsand. And each cast would cost you 1 rage while his only form of rage gain is from his shield. Sand doesnt work well on a warrior

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If you use the top 2 spells right after eachother, is that enough damage to instantly kill all 5 towers on a short island (like 6)?

Then clock to block all incoming shots and spam down perch. Seems pretty OP?

That’s how Necryx and other sand based unters where used before the meta change to 1 dragon on speed.
Sand everything and then level 1 Ember deathgaze. Careful management of Ice Flak was the only defense.

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Beautiful designs and lore for this season! Two sorcerers is a better call than invoker (in my opinion) and the legendary dragon looks worth getting this time (again, imo).

Down sides? Portraits are kind of meh. Season structure is still icky. PG hasn’t proofread their posts before posting them (human error, so I’ll let them get away with that). Otherwise, season doesn’t look too bad. Better than Dreadfrost (not that it’d be harder to do better than Dreadfrost).

Looking forward to this one PG. Well done! :+1:


Nothing got worse , with the rune on the dragon gets the desired cd that was presented .

You know how morreion describes spells in his website , this spell belongs to a family of spells that here has no damage increase therefore the wording is there . I know it is confusing and they could’ve avoided that but does it really matter ?

Also same logic as first quote .

They havent , the process of runes is very simple , in order to make them vital to the dragon they just make the spell be +1 so the rune is -1 . The final desired result is the runed dragon . There’s a catch here though , the balancing happens with the mythic rune , legendary and epic will indeed make the dragon better than first showcased by cf if you do the math .

Read my reply to :duck: same logic applies there .

This is incorrect , dodges or gales have small damage that can never be a major factor to destroy towers , it is even useless being there when the dragon has two insta kill spells like gaze and lightning bolt .

I was also hopping it was a mistake :see_no_evil: but it reminded me Fergaxx doesnt have a real gaze , but a very small AoE freeze with a small radius like a gaze that does insane damage , and that spell is hp based so makes sense . So yeah I think hp is correct here .

Means there is no cooldown , you can cast that sand endlessly and it is gonna stay sanded till the tower takes damage .

Explanation above !

This is correct :v:

Also correct .

You cant do that cause you’d be gated by ammo , and debuffs dont work like breath amps .

Cheers everyone :v: