Corruption Season - Relics and Branch Preview

Hello Dragon Masters,

Recently, we have shared bits of information around Relics: a continuation and evolution of the existing War Dragons runes and glyphs system. This post will provide details on what relics are and hope to accomplish and all of the new systems put in place to support them.

Relics will launch in full on March 15, 2023 with the weekly event content update.

Pictured Above: A first look at the relic art for this season


Runes are a valuable part of power in War Dragons. Runes can enhance and stretch your tower and dragon abilities to new heights, often providing that edge that differentiates one player from another.

Although this power is useful, player feedback has been that runes are lacking in personality and can feel like a necessity rather than an interesting and engaging part of the wider War Dragons story and player experience.


Relics are a stronger form of runes. One relic can provide a player with up to 3 abilities or buffs (up from 2 for runes). Relics have their own slots and a player can slot in 3 relics on any tower monument or dragon. This means that relic power is incremental and will not replace any of your existing runes or glyphs.

For the most part, relics behave similarly to runes: they are equipped in the same UI using the same mechanics, an can be viewed and salvaged in the Rune Vault, and can be leveled up to achieve maximum power in a familiar way. They will rely on buffs the same towers and dragons runes have already, but with the most power we have seen in War Dragons.

A few more details:

  • Relics and the corresponding relic dust used to level them up will be unlocked via a relic-specific season branch
    • This branch will not cost sigils, but relic keys obtained via event prizes
  • A new relic chest, which will be introduced later in the season will be a way for players to supplement their relic keys
  • Relics will have three levels of power: bronze, silver, and gold and have corresponding relic dust (used to level them up) and seasonal keys to unlock

A new seasonal branch will consist of four rows each having a relic and the relic dust required to level up that relic in the nodes following it.

  • The first row will consist of the bronze relic and it’s bronze relic dust
  • The second row will consist of the silver relic and it’s silver relic dust
  • The third row will consist of the gold relic and it’s gold relic dust
  • The fourth row will consist of legacy relic dust. This legacy dust will allow players to level gold relics to legacy levels for additional power.
  • There will also be nodes at the end of the branch to trade spare Corruption relic keys into rubies.

Legacy relic keys will only be available in the new relic chest and in future value packs.

To unlock all nodes in the relics branch a player will need 100 bronze, silver, and gold relic keys and 30 legacy relic keys.


Bronze, Silver, and Gold relic keys will be added to event prizing. These will be tied to the season and not transferable to following seasons.

Major Events

  • Rank 15: 10 Bronze Corruption Relic Keys
  • Rank 25: 10 Silver Corruption Relic Keys
  • Rank 27: 5 Gold Corruption Relic Keys
  • Rank 30: 5 Gold Corruption Relic Keys

Minor Events

  • Rank 15: 5 Bronze Corruption Relic Keys
  • Rank 25: 5 Silver Corruption Relic Keys
  • Rank 30: 5 Gold Corruption Relic Keys

We want players to feel rewarded for their deep engagements in events with power that can be used toward towers and dragons. Bronze prize levels should be achievable for a majority of players, but silver and gold event tiers will be reached by only the most dedicated flyers.

For players that want to reach 100 keys, they will need to utilize some combination of event engagement, relic chests, or value packs. We understand that this can be challenging for players, but we believe that a season’s worth of events and event prizes should equate to most of the keys required to unlock the season’s three relics.

Any extra keys a player acquires can be redeemed for rubies in a repeatable node at the end of the relics branch. These keys are tied to the season and cannot be used in next season’s relics branch.


A relics chest will be introduced to the treasury during Fortification on April 12, 2023. This chest will drop bronze, silver, gold, and legacy relic keys.

  • One out of every 10 relic chests will guarantee 1 gold relic key
  • One out of every 100 relic chests will guarantee 1 legacy relic key

Adding the relic chests will also introduce relic value packs that’ll allow players to purchase some or all of the new currencies needed to unlock the rest of the relics branch.

Here, players can accelerate their progress in leveling up their relics, catch up if their key collection has fallen behind pace, and/or unlock legacy levels to help their relics achieve maximum power.


I will leave the specifics of the three new relics as a surprise for Wednesday’s release, but rest assured they will be essential to building the strongest War Dragons base we’ve seen yet.

A couple notes on how we are thinking about relics:

  • The Corruption season will offer 3 tower relics; dragons relics will come in the future
  • We plan to have 3 new relics in each new War Dragons season moving forward
  • For the most part, relics are not meant to be salvaged. A trivial amount of relic dust will be refunded for salvaging them
  • Relic dust is useable across seasons, though we would advise against saving it for later since it will be an extremely scarce resource
  • Looking forward, If players feel like they are missing out on relic content from season to season, we will investigate ways for players to acquire previous season’s relics in other ways

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns here in the thread.




That is a lot to digest, excited to see what this new thing can do for me and looking forward to increasing my power, thank you and happy flying!

Just sounds like a lot of new stuff instead of using all the currencies we already have and kinda necessary to stay competitive, which sucks.
I don’t wanna be forced to do stuff just to stay somewhat up to date.
New isn’t always better. I‘m not excited for that.


I understand what you mean. My mentality on this is I cannot change what’s coming only embrace it and have fun as I go. Praying for a smooth introduction on this new chapter in game.


Does the new chest offer enough keys to be competitive enough if a player doesn’t max the major events ?

How much does the new chest cost ?

What are the max stats of a legendary Relic ? Or a Legacy one ?

Do the 3 sub-stats follow a logical algorithm or just random buffs ? This is to say will we see Pylon HP & Volt attk in same relic ? I hope not cause that would not be flexible at all


Future scarcity is a reason to use rather than save? I’m a little confused by this. Normally you might save a scarce resource until you time (and knowledge) to decide it’s best use


So rather then just revamping and adding new runes/glyphs, you guys are side stepping and introducing this new and confusing way to make dragons and bases stronger?

Like we used to be able to get Runic chests but those went away, and then these seems kinda same but in a brand new shiny system that seems like a money grab.

All this man power and coding when you could have just made a few more exotic runes or update the runes/glyphs in silver chests or event branches that are already there :man_shrugging: like last breeding was mythic fire turrent glyph if i remember, who needs those??


So its another cash grab to be able to get the highest level of relics. :heavy_check_mark:

Sadly to be able to stay relevant these will be another required item and rsource to maintain even though we as players keep stating we do not want more resources. :heavy_check_mark:


Great, stronger bases….just what I need to help with my frustration about having trouble flying dragons against defended bases now.
I always thought being end game would be fun, I am not having much fun here. Now the dragons do not last long even when I do find one I can fly and like.
I know I am not the only one with this frustration, there are a few people on my team feeling it too. I also know the elite fliers don’t feel it.


Or used the man power for new pvp events? :thinking:

Just want we need, several more new currencies and further imbalance and a lot more power creep.

How much will these chests cost and will they be added to event prizes, seasonal branches or monument drops like silvers or will they only be obtainable through opening with rubies?

This feels like it will create a massive imbalance between the whales and the F2P/E2P/Casual spenders. This feels like the game is now being pushed from P2W → P2P

So I just want to make sure, is this something you can do even if you havent finished the branch or only if you’ve done the entire branch including the legacy part? Because if you’re someone who wont even be able to get enough keys to unlock parts of this branch but cant exchange them without finishing the whole branch then these are useless

Im rather confused about this. Even as a E2P player who maxes every event besides FP (because it sucks and the prizes are garbage) this still seems like it is not meant for me unless I burned a ton of rubies to open chests for legacy keys.


Will players get seasonal leaderboard points for opening Relics Chest?


Interesting and engaging… so practically the same, with another name and yet a new currency is?

Fixing what’s broken, like the dragons that never got fixed, glitches that occur, lag etc, forget that bc apparently a lot have wanted more engaging runes…

Recycling riders, recycling dragons, introducing gear that’s random upon random and on top of it have an insane cost and now these relics.

Wonder how many have asked to get Pits removed or lag fixed or perhaps a new event?


Nope to this. Nope to the new gear.

Both these ideas could’ve been decent but the implementation is horrible and just a desperate money grab… I’ll pass


I think there’s a big overlooked problem here. What PG is “hearing” as player feedback seems to be different from what the actual feedback is and so no one is usually happy with these new implemented solutions/ features.

A lot of players asked for a revamp for silver chests to make it more relevant to current tower and dragon meta, rather than creating an entirely new feature first.

I appreciate the effort going into the creation of this. But player retention is tough when a lot of new expensive (and maybe glitchy) things get injected into the economy when the things we’re already comfortable with need some attention to bring up to speed.

Then also it seems like the same problem PG heard in the feedback is being created again by these relics.

I do think the future of WD needs new elements but if you’re going to introduce them like this (without fixing old elements), at least state that they’re a beta experimental thing so not many feel the need to participate right away then get surprised by unintended problems.

And provide more information always (no need to wait till release date on Wednesday :woman_shrugging:t2:).

On a related note and adding to Eff’s list of questions; if I wanna remove a relic from a monument, how much and what will it cost?


How many times has a new pvp event been asked for to stop the boring old rote instead yet more currencies and things that we never asked for! Pg never hears anything ever about main game content and something that would engage us all not a small minority!


Wow, so out of touch. Let’s not modernize the prizes we get that are out dated. Let’s add something I literally have never seen requested….AGAIN.

How about doing something about the Festive shards that if I recall correctly were supposed to be addressed this last Festive. Yep after 600 chests still trying to get all the shards for this last one.

The one thing that I’ll say is PG makes things interesting…Just not in a good way many times. Well gonna put on the :smiley: face and hope for the best.


I may be missing something but I do not understand the ranking and how a higher rank seems to give better prizes and is what ranking exactly is that?

Will Relic and its buffs exist permanent or just season’s buffs?

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Yet more power creep when game balance is already out of whack.


This makes zero sense to me. If something is scarce yet useable in the future it surely means saving is the way to go?