Corruption Season - Relics and Branch Preview

Again, on one island, just like a rune. It’s not like these work for your whole base.


So, after maxing the event we’re with not even a close amount of rss to use this new relic thing.

How are we supposed to try this out?

Next season? Next two seasons?? Lol

Relics are similar to mythic dragons, you’re not supposed to get them in one week.


Do we know how many levels? And how much rss needed to max a relic?



And if I get 10 dust out of 20 available on gold row. Should the relic give 6% DF instead of 13%?

This may have been asked, tbh I have not read the entire thread yet…

I saw that the keys are not transferable from season to season. Are the ONLY purposes of the keys to initially purchase each Relic and then the subsequent dust in the Relic Branch? Beyond the actual purchasing of the relic though, you will only need dust for them, which is transferable?

So basically, as long as the Relic is purchased before season ends, it can be leveled at any point because it will only need the Relic dust and that will be attainable in other seasons and chests?

Also, based on what I’ve read, I’m assuming only Gold Relics can be leveled up to Legacy? We cannot level Bronze Relics to Silver, Silver to Gold, and then Gold to Legacy, correct?

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Correct. But the line at this point only has enough dust to max out 1 of each relic, so if you don’t manage to you’ll likely have to choose in future seasons which relics to level. Not that that’s a bad thing per se, having to make choices.

Technically they stay gold. They just need “legacy dust” for the last two levels.


So when chests arrive we will end up with a bunch of useless keys?

Hey, PG. When people complained about runes/glyphs, I think this is what they were complaining about.

Top 25 and the reward is a glyph for the #1 item used for merging. Why? Why not take just a little bit of the time it took to create this new relic system and put it towards updating glyphs and runes. I’m not saying to scrap the money-grab, just make the current system more useful.


You’ve got my +👍🏻 there.