Corthanak Ghostfire Blast Spell glitch

I have not been able to find this as a topic in thr forums. My base has been hit several times as well as some teammates bases with players using Corthanak. It seems that when Ghostfire blast is used on the rigerwatch perch island not only does it disable the towers but disables them for the remaining duration of the attack. I have submitted a support ticket as have some of my teammates before me. I was told this is the first they have heard of it despite the fact that my teammate submitted a ticket two days prior. Just seeing if the community has noticed this as well. Thanks.


Ticket ID? It helps the px team like @pgjared and @Arelyna track it down.

This thread might be of interest…

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Thank you. This appears to be the same glitch. Guess I couldnt find it cause i wasnt looking for hack becsuse its a glitch.

Thank you. Wasn’t too sure who to tag. Ticket ID #1138489

I messaged support as well they never responded past the initial response about this glitch.

Seems they are ignoring it now. I have not received a response since I sent them screenshots of a teammate who filed a ticket 2 days prior and a link to his video he also shared with them.

Ha ha ha! Not laughing at the OP, just the guy who accused me of hacking over this :joy:

Wonder if he’ll be man enough to apologise

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What should I apologize about?? You still used a glitch several times disabled my base and also John’s hack or no hack my towers weren’t shooting so no I will not apologize for something that happened.

Lols. Like a white dwarf.

Your 245 base would sure put up a fight against a 55 Corthanak, but I digress.
Never heard of this until you brought it up, never saw it anyway and it’s my strongest drag. So yeah, I used it. Still do, will continue to.
If you have a problem, and clearly you do :roll_eyes:, take it up with PG. It’s between you, them and your psychiatrist.

This just happened to my base. No return fire against backer dragons. An Emerald Kinnarus backing dragon was just able to fly over level 60 towers and attack while they just sat there and watched.

@PGCrisis @PGJared @Arelyna are any of you passing this onto the engineering team? Some confirmation would be great. Tks.

Yes, the engineering team is already on this case! I am sorry that I forgot to update this thread after a bit of investigation.


Has this been fixed? I thought it may have but it just happened to me again.

Looks like it happened to me again as well. Is this getting fixed?

They confirmed they’re looking at it.

It’s only been 19 days. Why the rush?


Support keeps claiming they dont know about this issue ? So are they really working on it ?


Oh this :eyes:

At least it’s a bug that helps you :smiley:
The bug that cancels out the damage of ghostfire blast (just like fireball, southern cross,…) is something that happens to me and is really annoying. It only ever happens to me on farms though, not on regular towers :thinking: