Corthanak Ghostfire Blast Spell glitch


I personally think it’s much more equitable to keep losing bases in war and troops in Atlas to people abusing the spell that’s been glitched for months instead of exploring swapping it out for a reasonable substitution spell until fixed.


My feelings exactly.

I was making this suggestion only so PG would know what NOT to do.


At this point anything you ask for expect them to break it.


What if I ask for something to be broken?


Then they’ve already achieved that metric, which Finance will love and use as an example of how great their team is and how well they take and use player feedback. :wink:


Major, minor or whatever update, fix this glitch pls or give it a new spell :woman_shrugging:
It’s annoying af seeing corth disable towers on an island throughout an attack of 3 rounds. :sob:


I still haven’t been able to duplicate this glitch, corthanak hates me anyway lol I’ll stick to neptus


Still no release date planned for this fix?


We have to wait for the 4.5 release notes.


I have corthanak and just need to lunch ghostfire twice in the same island and that’s it. Disable for the entire battle.


Done that never happened for me




Watched the same guy from Lethal use this 3 separate runs against us today. When you gonna fix things instead of releasing more money grabs?


It is coming. I am really sorry this is taking a while.


Please remember. Don’t make him too overpower. Otherwise you need to do it onemore time like you did it to huitzil😊


the moment they fix the glitch he is perch fodder


But he’s a mighty pretty perch dragon. :joy::joy::joy:


I actually use mine quite successfully and almost never have it glitch. And when it does glitch I usually kill all of the towers a few seconds later.

I can see how If I was only hitting the top folks in the game it would be useless though even with maxed gear. I’ve hit a few 5b+ bases that defended or undefended corth can’t do anything. But those are rare for me to have to deal with except red zone battles occasionally


Well as one of your red zone victims recently I can tell you that you have had it glitch many times. You attacked me twice in about a half hour time span, after reloading troops of course, and it glitched both times. You only destroyed about 20% of my base with him however the remaining towers, all 63-65, were completely shutdown when you came through with Neptus and just walked right through without a scratch. The glitch happens more often than it doesn’t and can easily be missed when towers are destroyed.


It is also much easier for defenders to notice as we can’t set any supershots on glitched towers.