Corthanak Ghostfire Blast Spell

I’m down to the wire on making a decision about Corthanak because if I don’t get Aibrean while he’s on discount, I won’t be able to afford him. I’m leaning against it tbh, but I need more detail about how strong his AOE spell actually is before I decide. @PGCrisis can you confirm if the spell is increased by runes, boosts, rider, etc, or if it is just based on the base HP of the dragon?

Also, can anyone tell me in general what is the highest level tower an emerald and Obsidian Corthanak would be able to one-shot with this spell?

Thank you!!

It’s already confirmed it’s base hp.

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Wouldn’t mind also knowing if the reason why PG doesn’t want to call the mythic rider a “mythic” is because the rider itself is blah and it’s just the gear that is cool. I’d MAYBE be able to do a first page of that if the rider itself is cool, completely pointless if it’s just the gear. Sorry to hijack here lol but got less than 24 hours to either be an idiot or slightly less of an idiot

They won’t call it mythic because riders aren’t in a tier system, and also because this rider isn’t insanely stronger than the others

Thanks for the info, how do you know it isn’t stronger than the others?

It’s stronger, but they made sure to point out it’s only a little stronger… not game breaking stronger lol

Thanks again, did they mention the gear? A “little stronger” could mean a lot though lol, boosts only go up 10 percent is a huge difference if it’s additive. It’s hard to tell with PG what vague comments could mean

Any feedback on the second part of my question?

It’s okay if you don’t know the exact highest- just wondering if anybody has an emerald or Obsidian who can tell me “yes, it one-shots level 50 towers” or “no, it doesn’t one-shot level 55 towers”, etc…
Anything you might have noticed.
thanks again!

Hi, I’m only in platinum, but I’m okay at math.

Max emerald Corthanak has ~15m base hp, 15% of which is ~2.3m. Without research or boosts, this will one-shot most level 45 towers. Flaks have more HP than normal towers; you can get a level 43 unboosted dark flak.

Max mythic obsidian Corthanak has ~22m base hp, 15% of which is 3.3m. This will one-shot most unresearched, unboosted normal level 49 towers. It’ll one-shot unresearched, unboosted level 47 dark flaks.

You can just barely one-shot a level 55 dark flak with an expert Corthanak.


Someone linked me to this video yesterday, tony definitely has it at expert, but it gives you a good idea of what this dragon can do.

Thank you very much for your help. I follow your math now that you have explained it. It’s disappointing that the spell is based off of base HP but I suppose it might be OP otherwise.
I still have a few more hours to decide and I always like to weigh every possible angle so there are no regrets in the end. Too bad it’s a choice between this dragon and the riders. I’m not too fond of Aibrean or Nollaig, but I would like to get the riders. It’s a shame PG forces us into these package deals where we have to buy things we don’t want to get things we do. It would be nice if everything were a la carte, so to speak. Just adjust the pricing accordingly (mythic more expensive, etc…).
And, I guess if I commit to Aibrean now, I can always change and go for one of the other legendaries later if they prove to be game-changing. I just won’t have a shot at the mythic rider.
We’ll see. Gotta decide by the end of the day. lol

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Well you pretty much get that. The adjusted price for the mythic is 78k sigils (first 28k is 50% off). You also get two free dragons to go with it.

A la carte means you can buy anything off the menu without having to buy anything else along with it…

Yes, thanks, I know that. It was just such a silly idea, as it obviously would either mean a massive loss of revenue, or it would mean the a-la-carte mythic is still about 78k sigils, you just don’t get extra dragons anymore. It would not in any way be nicer.

And of course the whole premise of all the season lines is a chain of linked prices. If it was a-la carte you could just buy the egg and the obsidian stone, and skip the rest of the lines as well.

My apologies. I thought you were saying that’s pretty much what we have now, so I figured you didn’t understand. Just trying to help. :woman_shrugging:

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