Corthanak needs a Buff

Dear PG

Can you please explain us why a mythic hunter which can be experted being a lvl 333 can kill lvl 60 towers with one single spell shot while a mythic sorcerer that can be experted being lvl 357 can’t (using his 3 rage white spell one time)

You did a good job in my opinion regarding the balancing of towers (mills/farms can still be upgraded but it’s another discussion), why can’t you apply the same logic with dragons?
More requirements should lead to more power, the 22 level of difference (333 vs 357) is not a little thing, hard work and/or lot of money. Plus, only hunters are used (excluding Destar) in wars, it was the time to give us a good sorcerer that can be used in Wars.

So to balance the 2 divine mythic harbingers (neptus is maybe only legendary harbinger, dunno, and it’s not the point) - or any single Tier - there are 2 possibilities :

1/ nerfing the hunter
=> not the way to go, not in favour of this and not requesting it (i want to sell my second option), you sold him strong he must stay strong.

2/ seriously buff Corthanak
=> as stated above, harder requirements better rewards, he should be able to smoke lvl 60 towers (and even lvl 65 maybe or being close to do it). If we use dragon boost, it should be taken into account instead of using only, as usual, the base HP (same for a rider or rune/glyph boosting the life of the dragon).

Thanks for providing us with feedback regarding this and boost this dragon. Thx!
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The issue is with sorcs and warriors in general, not just Carthanak. For a warrior or a Sorc to be viable they need to have a very well balanced and arguably OP spell set because as a base, warriors and Sorcs suck.


I agree that he looks underwhelming.
This was gonna be the first season that i was planning to get the mythic dragon. But his spellset and gameplay videos arent motivating me to grind hard to get him :confused:


Do I understand this right? You say because Neptus can oneshot one tower with his skill, you want Corthanak to oneshot 5 towers with his AoE and call that fair?



The spell set looks good. The issue is on the power of his main spell, 15% base HP is way too low to be effective.
When looking at @ToNyRen video against Dread, one single hammer is canceling the spell.
So as of now, useless dragon…
They tried something with Destar to improve warrior, but nothing has been really done with sorcerer (never been a fan of rhyo…)

As of now, the spell can’t kill any single lvl 60 towers.

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It’s not supposed to kill any, it’s basically a white Freeze.
Why would you even assume it should work like an AoE white Death Gaze… Do you need an iWin button so bad?


Id be curious to see if Sorcs would suddenly be more useful if they let you control its swipe… specifically tap one tower and it does 3X the damage… swipe 2 towers it does 1.5X the damage… Just a thought… Like a slow moving hunter. could at least make that class more useful again. May make them OP but i doubt it.


This is kind of an apple and pears comparison. Neptus can kill 1 tower with his tidal surge (3 if used at exactly the right time and in the right spots) and has to wait for a cd to expire to fire another. No cc in the spell.

Corth can fire multiple ghostfires fast. No cooldown between each cast and a built in rage boost means you can reliably double cast it and occasionally triple cast it. The spell also stuns towers and cancels in progress shots.

It may be weak. I honestly don’t know I haven’t got him. But you can not compare tidal surge to ghostfire blast. They are designed to do drastically different things and an aoe spell of that size shouldn’t do neptus level damage

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Oh I suggested the same thing on the old forums as part of a bigger thread to ‘fix’ the sorcerer class, always thought this would be a cool thing, but then again who would even swipe?

Are you sure it’s freezing towers?
And it’s not the point. Why higher requirements lead to less effectiveness ?
Destar is a 2 buttons iwin dragon… if tidal surge was dealing 70/80% of damage to a tower and not smoke it, would neptus be so interesting ?

It’s a question of balance, the lvl requirement is not a small thing, then power needs to be improved.
Would definitely prefer that he smokes 2/3 towers instead of dealing high damage to 5.
As of now, being a sorcerer (not a plus for a dragon), if he can’t do great things… we just don’t need it.


No cooldown on ghostfire blast, but isnt there a cooldown on the sacrifice? I might be mistaken but i think so, and in that case triple casting isnt gonna happen

you would swipe against lower towers (mage islands) or when boosted perhaps? like 3 tapping with a hunter… But your right, 95% of the time you would be tapping.

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Well, simple solution: Don’t get Corthanak if you don’t like him.

I heard he’s great on short strong bases, guess it depends on who uses him…


I heard your point of view.

But i’d like to hear PG’s point of view.


You can still triple cast. When you start a run precast ghostfire and let your rage build up naturally. Cast the first when you get around the corner and you will have enough for a second ghostfire. Sacrifice after that and you have a third. Yes you can’t do it whenever you want but it is possible to do at times.

Honestly it’s not really practical but it’s possible

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Neither Neptus nor Corthanak can solo a well designed maxed base when defended. As far as Tidal surge vs. Ghostfire blast, you are comparing apples to oranges here…

And a white death gaze spell on a sorcerer? Already been tried. Ever here of Merkt? The large AoE spell is much better for Corthanac than white death gaze.


You are right, i saw so many times merkt lead or clean during wars that it’s stupid from me to forget it.

It depends of the flier for neptus.

And yes, let’s stop waiting to have a sorcerer that could be use during wars.

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Not sure when you started playing, but have you ever seen Phasmos in action when he was the top divine? That sorc was a beast against top bases.


cough cough Fae