Corthanak needs a Buff


He’s gonna be good until lvl 65s are out, aka hes good before you hit mythic harbinger opponent bases. He’s a sorcerer, not supposed to hit higher equivalent tier towers like hunters do. The nature of sorc is different from hunters burst damage. I have more of a realistic expectation for different types of dragons, not saying you dont but sorc is going to behave like a sorc. He’s not bad up till lvl 60 towers.

Even though i have Corthanak, i do wish lvl 65s kick his ass. Because hes too easy to fly and burn things down without super heavy hammer spamming.


I do appreciate your input. :+1:


Well said.


I hope PG disregards the idea of many who think sorcerers shouldn’t be good and makes Corthanak what Phasmos was: a great lead dragon in wars.


Does 1080p mean it adds the missing ingame graphics? :rofl:

Anyways, was just kidding :wink:


she is weak… lol


Will ghostfire blast receive a damage boost from the veteran rider?


Ghostfire should be based on base hp so boosts, research and armor/rider shouldn’t affect it


I think PG is definitely working towards this goal. We have Destar, Corthanak recently and them both are very combat ready warrior/sorcerer. My only concern is that they should be good but need to be a little bit more difficult to fly well.

The main thing is that, in this game, the same dragon should have a very different gameplay and performance based on a variety of skill levels. You can pay to get to a certain tier of power, but you want the dragon to be like,

the differentiation of performance on the same dragon can be visible as you get better and better at flying… so that “i buy i win” type of situation is as minimized as possible and simply paying will still not be enough to just win. I think this kind of differentiation is very important.
We already have base building pretty much as in pay to win. Whatever guide youre using, its pretty much storm + red + blue + Dark Flak + (the tower currently best, for now Fire Flak)
There’s no base building magic mojo. it really doesn’t require much skills or knowledge. Speed your way to a concentration of high level towers and the layout is just about the same everywhere. Sure, there’s a lot to the towers in specifics, details that are visible or not visible. but i dont need to know all that to have a good base.

So on the dragon end, skills are pretty much the only thing that still could matter outside of money at this point.

All in all, all types of dragons should be good =)

But they should be more difficult to fly to be good


this says off max hp

this also says max hp


I can confirm with you its base max HP. If in game it is not based off of base max HP, its not intended.

Yes Rec, those are not detailed enough to be precise. It’s max base HP.


well then back to square 1, corthinak needs a buff, he wont survive 5 seconds against 65 towers. I was giving PG the benefit of the doubt this rider was why they made him weaker


Look at it this way, when you are going against lvl 65 towers, you are competing at the pinnaacle of this game at the moment. You probably would have a base that’s upwards of $8k (very modest assumption, you know it) depending how long you have been playing. Anything before lvl 60, Corthanak does fine, as you probably know.

Would you want corthanak to burn your $8K+ base down as a drgaon thats a fraction of the cost, soooo easily? I value my base more than a drgaon that i have. I can see where you are coming from, but i would hate to see a relatively easy to fly dragon to be able to do so much. Again, spending can get you to the top of the power tier, but it doesn’t guarantee a win is what I’m saying.


Base HP = max HP
If it is affected by boosts etc, then it would be modified hp


I agree, but we dont have 65 towers yet, we have 60 towers and Corthinak drops like a fly to them, when 65 towers come around he’ll be a glorified paperweight. I dont want him op I want him to be able to measure up and be able to dent 65 towers. Same goes for destar, when 65’s come around he’ll look great on a perch thats about it.


Spring’s Renewal - Active | Red | 1 Rage

Applies a mark to target tower. When the marked tower is destroyed, dragon gains 20% of dragon’s base HP as health and 2 Rage. Spell has a 4 second cooldown.

Ghostfire Blast - Active | White | 3 Rage

Deals 15% of dragon’s max HP as damage to all towers in target area. Damaged towers are unable to attack for 3 seconds. This spell has no cooldown.

Both versions of written description? Thats very poor writing, and completely inconsistent.


Tony I do understand you value your base over your dragons. I also respect that. But some people are different. I have a low level and a modest base. My base was built wrong because I had no idea to only build a few towers. It feels less fun that way. The base isn’t what brought me to war dragons. I started the game for the dragons. I have and will always be in it for the dragons. I’d like to have a dragon that lasts a few seasons. Not one that is basically a 78k sigil perch dragon.


Which is why PG can’t make every one happy, however it would be nice to get them involved in the conversation. The more input, the better the game. Right now it feels like they are riding a fine line to keep whales spending. Im not a huge spender, however these tactics of needing 156k sigils every three months will quickly make me a non-spender. If they value bases over dragons then dragon costs need to be drastically reduced. If top of the line dragon is only good for a season, or in some cases not even that, then let everyone have them cheap. If 78k can’t buy a base killer then whatever they want for it is too much. 2k sigils or 50k sigils.


You nailed it.