Corthanak needs a Buff


This should apply also to bases, not only dragons. IMHO, a good base is great, but a better dragon is always ahead in my book. At least this is my opinion, being that the game name is War Dragons.


I totally know what you mean. Team wise, bases and base defense makes a team. It’s not as simple as it sounds, of course. My point of view presented as my main concern is from more of a team standing point. Otherwise i would love to have a dragon that could help me burn things down easier than anything. As the game progresses, player level, aka base towers level, becomes crucial to make any type of progress. For example, you need to get to lvl 333 to expert legendary Harbingers, lvl 357 to expert harbinger mythics. Player level doesnt seem like a huge problem for anything before harbinger. Patience and performing well can take you there. However, at the cost of player level increase after lvl 300 is a huge stangment. Whether you are in Harbinger or not (hopefully you are!), just to expert these dragons will require an enormous amount of value pack purchasing. Otherwise youre stuck with a neutered Harbigner.

We are not Harv. We will slow down spending at some point. And thats when you want the base to be able to uphold themselves better with team defense. Too powerful dragons will essentially make it impossible. @Recramorcen Corthanak does lvl 60 just fine unless you have 3 defenders. 3 defenders situation is what all of us are trying to avoid. Unless you. Have to, its less than ideal to have that kind of defense. At this point Corth is a little too good for the skills it require, I think. I’d love to discuss this further tho, as i have Corth myself and a viable solution could benefit us all.


Elaborate on your solution


Hold up is sacrifice based on base or total hp?


gotta love double standards


I don’t know where the new measurements came from… but all of a sudden people think dragons suck automatically if A. They don’t have a white spell, and B. They can’t take bases with 2 defenders… back in the day we understood defenders are literally there for the purpose of stopping whatever dragon may fly by… I’m confused by the disconnect


And during the “good ol’ days” how many sigils did it take to get the top of the line dragon? Or if you prefer a better comparison, how much money did it cost to get said dragon?


We used egg tokens, and it took a lot… not even just that, you bred 2 little dragons to breed a better one, do you prefer that? Also maxed bases cost a lot less as well… does that not merit being harder to beat?


The reason I bring that up is that sure, if no money is spent then it is not a big deal when my dragon gets shot down. However now to get the best dragon there is a very good chance you have spent money. There are posts about how much, and lots of variables. But I think it’s safe to say hundreds in a lot of cases all the way up to thousands to get 156k sigils for top of the line dragon and his veteran rider. All that and two defenders throwing down hammers makes that investment seem real bad. I agree with others that skill does absolutely need to play into the game or its not as fun. I don’t wish for a blow up island 1 rage white spell. So to answer your question about disconnect, I believe it’s money.


Old divines weren’t free lol, one parent would only be available in rewards, and the other in the chart chests… then you need about 64k extra tokens on hand, and to be fair… the rider isn’t out yet, and seems to add quite a bit, so that could be their selling point


I definitely agree it’s their selling point :joy:


I think having more options is nice. But the thing with us is that when there are more stuff available, we don’t feel good if we can’t get them all with similar spending, time wise and money wise both. Cost is rising, stuff available is increasing, and we want to have them all. It’s a requirement if you want to compete with the most competitive, it’s not when you don’t…

Also, don’t forget we had Merkt… got merkted, an obsidian Tenguuuu for the farms


You forgot the little potential +80% buff on gears while Corth spell is based on base HP… so in the end not sure those kinda base will really be impacted.

And the new season legendary sorcerer has an equivalent spell with 40% damage not 15%.

Yes i know, red vs white, 2 rage vs 3, cooldown vs no cooldown.
But mythic vs legendary, those more or less 90 tower up (106k xp) needed to expert the first vs the second one is not a small step.

I still think that he needs a buff.


I didn’t forget. I only got to know it yesterday. When did you know the 80% gear buff… :eyes: insider scoop :eyes: ?


Atlas rider gears, read it on the forum


Corthanak or Fomhar. Which one? Reaching emerald in coming month.
Loves flying hunter but don’t mind good Sorcerer specially if it is viable for war.


Unless they buff corthanak or debuff hammers then I would really caution anyone looking at corthanak. His core spell is undone by a hammer. :roll_eyes: So you can sacrifice till your almost dead to beat an island before the hammers hit… But then guess what… No heal… Your to fomhar… Too new for me to get and level and use in action. I can’t speak good or bad about him yet


Please, please, please PG staff. Revisit corthanak. Actually play using corthanak at different levels. Feel the players frustration as one defender destroys your premium dragon. Corthanak desperately need a buff. This thread seems overlooked. Hopefully not ignored. The dragon you created needs serious attention. There is no shame in failing a design. You can’t always get it right the first time. But shame on you if you leave poor corthanak in the state he is in. And buyer beware. If this thread is not addressed, I strongly caution you not to spend any money on this dragon. He will cause nothing but frustration until you decide to give up and perch him


The dragon seems fine to me.

Exactly what are your success criteria?

Have you ruled out that you may be a bad sorcerer pilot?

Have you ensured you are attacking appropriate targets and that your dragon is appropriately equipped and leveled?

What is your level? What level is your corth?

I think If you want change you will have to be a lot more specific about why.


have you read the entire thread? because your requested answers are all there, throughout. go check that, then come back