Corthanak needs a Buff


What tier are you in?


As much as I was disinclined to agree with this post, the upcoming changes regarding armor and it’s tower hp buffs means that Corthanak is gonna have a really hard time with its ghostfire blast bc although the hp of the towers scale with armor bonus’s, the damage of the spell is going to be unchanged, and he’s going to flop, hard when these changes come into effect.

PG just effectively announced that both of their “mythics” are going to be duds with the armor change.


Nice to read :grin:


Regarding what Lutrus said.
First time considering going for a mythic dragon. These kind of issues make spending on this game pretty hard. There is neptus on the one hand and corthanak on the other hand.
There’s already little couterplay with sorcs and warriors when attacking defended bases.

Corthanak seemed somewhat decent at the beginning of the season, especially due to the discounted hunter. I made purchase decisions based on the facts at that time. Now you buff towers without making adjustments for Corthanak. It’s a mythic dragon. It’s supposed to be capable of at least denting lvl 65 towers.
With all the tower buffs and hammer spams, what will become of Corthanak? Or any other dragons other than hunters?

In this case, making damage spells depend on base hp is a bad decision. Tower hp can be buffed with rider gear and boosts, whereas damage spells don’t scale with rider gear and boosts?
Corthanak can’t heal, no issues with that. The shield spell doesn’t last long and has a cooldown, no issues with that either. Misplays should be punished. I win buttons are bad. But at least make the dragon worthwhile? So it’s good at something(relativ to its own level)?

Any input? @PGJared


Actually this should not be the case.
Corthanak‘s spell should grow in power with more HP:


Max HP is the same thing as Base Hp. They changed it so that max HP equals base HP and that’s when HM healed a pittance and they had to increase base healing from 10%->18%.

His damage will NOT increase. Don’t believe me? Take an unboosted corth, do a run, then boost him, and compare his blast damages.

He is going to hit a wall when these changes bc live.

Edit: hint, spring renewal heals off of max HP:


Wait what?

Are you saying Crisis‘ long winded post explaining the difference between base HP and max HP and why the changes where made to Healing Mark is a lie?

Or do we have a misunderstanding?
With max HP I was referring to “modified HP” that Crisis explained.
Base HP is the unmodified HP.

Or did they actually mean for Corthanak that his spell depends on his unmodified max HP which makes it sound like yet another false advertisement?


Maxhp =/= modifiedhp

That’s exactly what I’m saying.


wow. I‘m sure that I‘m not the only one who expected “max HP” to refer to “modified HP”.

That‘s one way to mislead customers…


I actually have. Over many days as it unfolded. I don’t specifically remember him posting levels. But he most certainly did not give success criteria. Just vague statements about it being unsatisfactory. I’m not going to bother searching the fairly long thread for that info…

He has a very weak argument and should reinforce his argument rather than repeat it. (Of corse that’s entirely my opinon)

Even with what Lutrus said about the rider, while I agree with Lutrus that’s actually not a problem with the dragon’s balance so much as the rider that was basically made for this dragon. Without adding a rider into the situation this is a pretty decent dragon.

Don’t get me wrong, more work needs to be done to fix the sorcerer/Hunter/warrior balance, but this dragon is definitely worth it and definitely replaces and out performs rhyo and any other sorcerer in the game currently.


you want specific arguments from one person when throughout this entire thread, as you must have seen if you’ve followed its development, arguments both in written and in video form were presented as to why corthanak needs a buff.
as you said quite correctly, he is a pretty decent dragon, but pretty decent is way too little for a mythic which should be top of the line i. e. great to outstanding


How do you quantify this? Nobody is being specific. I actually think it’s fine for mythic. If you made it much stronger it could accidentally win max bases. The nature of sorcerers is that they don’t stretch well with defenders. (Will be pretty useless with level 65 towers)

We can’t have a dragon that requires zero skill and is unstoppable.

What I’m looking for is an argument such as the following: “the best sorcerer pilot should be able to destroy a maxed base with 3 defenders”. - I don’t agree with this statement FYI, it’s just an example. Defense should trump offense.

I hear a lot of opinions. I’ve seen videos. Some showed crappy piloting. Some seemed to show a good dragon. Be specific. What isn’t happening that should be or what is happening that shouldn’t.

This is one of the better mythic dragons. I believe it’s equal to or better than Rhyo was when obsidian was new. It’s way better than A&A was when garnet was new. I never really used Nier so I can’t compare. Merkt was the last Mythic divine we had and I think we can all agree it’s way better than Merkt ever was.

I fully agree sorcerers and hunters have a long way from being balanced. They probably never will be.


Wait a sec… Corthanak ghostfire does more damage when you use HP boost, are you saying if you also equip a rider with legendary gear that increases HP that this does not add to his max HP and also increase the damage? What if I equip the legendary rune of pride that I saved from crappy Leos? Does this not add to his max HP and therefore ghostfire damage?? I think we need PG to reply I spent a lot of money to get this dragon and a lot of time leveling him. @PGJared @PGCoffee how about giving us an answer please.


Maybe @PGEggToken can help clear this up?

These guys (scroll up) are saying Corthanak’s ghostfire damage is calculated from his base HP even though it is advertised to be calculated from his max HP which implies boosts such as from runes and rider gear to his max HP should increase the damage.

I saw first hand that there is certainly a difference between boosted and unboosted, but have yet to assign my legendary rune of pride as I’m currently using a legendary wisdom rune in the spot I am planning to equip it on. I also haven’t forged any rider gear to boost his HP yet either, but I assumed these would indeed increase the damage.

Looking forward to an official reply from PG.


Pics of different damage numbers?


I waited until I leveled up enough to be able to kill an island of 5 towers on invader while boosted and then removed the boosts. Once removed it no longer destroyed them. Putting the boosts back again allowed for destruction. This seemed to me to prove that it indeed added to the damage.


I’m still not sure however because I equipped both boosts, meaning Damage and HP.


cough cough don’t forget Spindra cough cough


Max hp is base hp as far as the game reads, there was a long post about this


Then this was poorly advertised in that case. Is still like to hear from PG.